How to figure out when it’s time for a website refresh? ( complete guide )

Whether it’s an e-commerce website, business website, or a normal blog there’s a time when you will stop publishing content regularly.

In the worst case, abandon the site because of a busy schedule or other important work. Or if you are struggling with growing your new blog for a few months, and still not getting any results then your website might need a refresh for sure!

how to perform a website refresh

Website refreshes are easier to carry out if you have enough time and resources.

However, the process can get tricky if you have published too much content on your site. Because managing, monitoring, and processing such a large amount of data at once isn’t easy.

How to figure out when it’s time for a website refresh? ( complete guide )

Keeping up with the recent trends has become a necessity to stay on par with your competitors in the 2021 market. And when it comes to digital marketing and promotions, you can not expect any positive results. without having the best possible quality content available on your website.

Even if you’re just publishing content on a blog, you still have to keep it updated with the latest trends in the industry. Because the regular visitors of your site expect the latest updates from you while maintaining the quality of content.

Why it’s important to refresh your website regularly?

Unfortunately, many business sites and blogs don’t pay attention to providing the latest information or updating their site on time.

Whatever the reason, being reckless and ignoring the negative effects of such behavior can put you in serious trouble!

Directly affecting your overall SEO, search engine rankings, audience interests, and a lot of essential factors. You can easily see a visual change in your site growth going downwards, which is not preferable at all.

In order to avoid such situations and downfalls in your business growth, performing a website refresh on regular time periods is mandatory.

Even if you’re not aware of how to perform a website refresh in 2021, We have provided some important points that can allow you to decide whether your site requires a refresh or not.

So how can you actually find out when it’s time for a website refresh?

Practically speaking, figuring out the right time for a website refresh is quite easy if you follow the right procedure, and notice the hints that suggest you perform a website refresh.

But on which basis you should decide whether you have to go through a website refresh immediately? What are the hints that will help you make this decision and completely upgrade your website whenever needed?

Let’s find out by going through some of them!

1. When your bounce rate keeps increasing

One of the easiest ways to decide whether your website requires a refresh or not is by monitoring your user experience and overall bounce rate.

For those people who don’t know how bounce rate works and why you should keep it low, it is closely related to the amount of time a user spends on your website.

The bounce rate of your pages and overall website should be kept low if you want to appear in the higher positions of search engine result pages.

Just because you’re getting a high amount of visitors with consistent growth doesn’t mean that your traffic is converting or helping your business grow.

Similarly, if you notice a huge increment in your bounce rate, it means your content isn’t performing well enough to keep the visitors on your site.

Therefore, performing a detailed website refresh can help you get rid of this problem if done properly.

2. When there’s a downfall in the traffic graph

Constant traffic analysis is one of the key factors for taking quick situation-based actions for making your business successful.

As the traffic keeps fluctuating according to the current requirements of your audience group, you need to keep a close eye on it. And if you notice a downfall in your traffic graf for a fixed time period, then it’s time for a website refresh for sure!

Doing so can help you make your site alive once again, by improving your site appearance to motivate your readers and get a visible growth in overall traffic.

3. Outdated information and resources

You can not just publish a business site with a decent number of informative articles and let it be.

The digital industry is growing constantly every day, and if you have not checked your website for a long time then a website refresh is very important. Because a site with outdated information and resources can make your business look dated compared to the similar business available in the market.

So if you’re still relying on the piece of articles published months ago, to be sufficient for your current needs then you are mistaken. And the best way to get rid of outdated content is by performing a refresh process on your site.

Updating the outdated portion of your previously published articles, and publishing a few of the latest articles related to your niche.

4. When your visitors start losing interest

If you are using site analysis tools such as google analytics or any other SEO suites. In order to measure your site performance along with the audience interests, Then tracking the interest of your regular visitors can be a lot easier for you.

Look for your best-performing content blocks, and see how much they’re converting at the moment. It will give you a basic idea of what your readers want. As audience interest defers from person to person you will need a decent amount of time to get over this.

User interest also depends on the quality of the user experience that you provide. Your visitor should be able to find the things they’re looking for as quickly as possible.

So optimizing your site navigation and other features can help you keep the readers interested in your content via a quick site refresh.

5. When it doesn’t load properly on new devices

In case your business website doesn’t load properly on mobile devices with different screen sizes then it can harm your overall SEO and rankings at the same time. Because the current trends show that almost 60% of search queries come from mobile devices. And when it’s done on a local level the number can increase a bit.

So if your site isn’t loading properly on mobile devices, it simply means you’re losing so much traffic, potential customers, and business inquiries! which proves that if you really want to grow your business online, While providing the best service/products to your consumers. Then making your site mobile-friendly is mandatory.

You can upgrade your site with a more responsive template that offers support for almost all mobile devices.

So you can easily reach and interact with people on their mobile devices, who are interested in your services and products.

6. You’re using too much text-oriented content

Providing quality articles isn’t a bad thing. But only using the text format to convey your thoughts to your readers isn’t convenient for them.

With a pile of written paragraphs on their screen, it’s easier to lose interest in the content. As we live in a world that’s continuously changing providing new means of visual interactions. How can you totally depend on written content only?

To keep things interesting you should break your content into smaller paragraphs. Those are easier to read while using white space where needed. It helps reduce the eye strain and prevents new users from getting overwhelmed form too much text on their screen.

Using visual elements when performing the refresh process is also a smart choice to overcome this problem.

7. Your site is struggling with search engine rankings

If you have not updated anything in a long time, and checking your SERP rankings or keyword positions after a long time.

They would be probably dead, as you have not provided any value to the users for a long time. As a result, your business isn’t visible at the top of search engine results, whenever someone looks for it.

Lack of the latest search engine optimization is responsible for such problems that keep your SERP positions low. This means you need to perform a website refresh for sure!

Rebuild or Renovate?

Performing a website refresh can be time-consuming and expensive at the same time.

So you need to decide before proceeding further. Whether you going to rebuild the entire site or just perform the necessary adjustments?

According to our experience if you’re trying to revive a site, that’s been dead for more than 5 years, then rebuilding it would be a better choice.

In the case that you’re dealing with a site that’s only 2-3 years old. Then a quick renovation of site appearance and features would be enough.

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