How To Start A Successful Instagram Blog in 2021?

Many people want to start a successful Instagram blog. But unfortunately, the majority of them get demotivated. Because they lack proper knowledge and instructions to start a successful Instagram blog in 2021. It can be quite troublesome for any beginner to get along with such technical terms and start a successful Instagram blog.

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As there are already so many people working in this field, you will face tough competition for sure. But if you work smart and choose a micro or low competition niche for your new Instagram blog, then it won’t take long to gain a huge fan following on your Instagram blog with a highly targeted audience group.

How To Start A Successful Instagram Blog in 2021?

Instagram account isn’t something you can grow overnight, as you will require dedication and hard work for making your new Instagram blog successful and stand out from others in the market. If you are already blogging through a website or other platform, then having an Instagram blog is mandatory for any blogger.

So let’s get started with the complete step-by-step process for your successful Instagram blog in 2021!

1. Create An Instagram Account

If you have not created an Instagram account yet, it’s time to create one. Simply visit the app store on your smartphone and search Instagram, download the app, and install it. After the installation is done open the app and sign up for a fresh account. You can use Facebook to directly login with your Facebook account.



Or you can also use other options like email to register for a fresh account on Instagram. You will need to provide your username, email/mobile number, and password for the new account. Once you are done with the registration process follow the below steps.

2. Deciding A Decent Username

Usernames play an important role in making your Instagram blog successful. People are more attracted to specific types of usernames. So when you are building an Instagram account from scratch. Deciding on a good username can affect your blog’s popularity and success. Explore some related Instagram accounts and you will be able to come up with a decent username for your new Instagram blog easily.

3. Find The Perfect Niche

Finding the perfect niche for your new Instagram blog is as important as coming up with a username that suits your blog. As both of them are related you will need some time to decide. Niche shows the main motive of your Instagram blog. It can be very limited or broader according to your interests.

Just make sure that whatever niche you choose, you should be able to create quality content around it continuously. It should not be something that bores you, because you will be working on it for a long time.

4. Update Your Profile Picture And Bio

Instagram users are more interested in bio and profile pictures than content. Being the only thing that gets displayed when someone searches for your username in the list. You should take it seriously and choose the best profile picture along with an attractive bio for your new Instagram blog.

Make sure your profile photo is attractive, so it can get you more followers. Bio is something that describes the purpose of your blog. Include your motive and related information on the Instagram blog to make people understand what your actual goal is. Later it can be used to promote your products/offers.

5. Add Relevant Content

After you are finished with setting up your new Instagram account. It’s time to add some quality pictures and videos that are related to your niche and audience interests. Post such content frequently to stand out from others and improve the presence of your Instagram blog.

As you keep posting relevant content on your account the engagement rate for your posts will increase automatically. You can go through some similar accounts like yours to get a basic idea about the content strategy.

6. Use Instagram Stories And IG T.V

Simple photos and videos are a great way to attract more followers to your Instagram blog. However, if you want your new blog to be successful quickly compared to others, you will need to use all the resources available to your advantage. Instagram stories and IG T.V are some of the best ways to reach more people who might be interested in your blog.

If you are not aware of these tools, then don’t worry. Instagram stories are like Whatsapp status which represents what you are doing right now or daily events in your routine life. People love to see such stories and they won’t hesitate to share them with others too. The IG T.V is more focused on video content if you love live streaming or providing tutorials then it can help you a lot!

7. Explore Powerful Hashtags

You would be already aware of how important hashtags are when it comes to Instagram. Many people stuff their posts with lots of irrelevant hashtags resulting in a lower engagement rate and content performance. Instead, you should always focus on using trending hashtags from the market. Just include 5-8 popular hashtags related to your content and niche to make it perform even better than your competitors!

how to start an Instagram blog

Using tools like hashtag generators can help save some extra time. simply insert the seed keyword of your post to extract every trending hashtag around it with a single click. We are not sure about how accurate these hashtags are but you will have to try everything you have got for a successful Instagram blog.

8. Keep Providing Value

That’s it! if you want your Instagram blog to gain thousands of legitimate followers and make them trust you, Do your best and keep providing quality content every single day. Because consistency is the key to achieve something big. If you are ever short on content ideas make sure to check your competitors for more inspiration and content ideas.

As you keep providing value to the audience they will keep supporting you by sharing your posts with their family and friends. With such love and support, it won’t take much time to make your new Instagram blog compete with others!


Starting a new Instagram blog may sound easy. But the main problem everyone faces is the maintenance and content publishing schedule which is required for a successful Instagram blog in this tough competition.

If you found any useful information within this article, please share it with your other friends, and don’t forget to mention any suggestions or queries you have in the comments section below.

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