20 Impressive welcome email examples for new subscribers!

Email marketing is never easy without the right guidance. In case you have never done email marketing till now, managing your new subscribers can be tricky. And if you’re one of those lucky people to get a decent amount of new subscribers daily.

Impressive Welcome Email Examples For New Subscribers!

Then utilizing a welcome email for them matters a lot. But writing attractive welcome emails that can benefit your business isn’t easy. As you don’t have any prior experience doing this, you need to learn a lot.

Impressive welcome email examples for new subscribers!

Why welcome emails are important?

Learning to write impressive welcome emails can help you in many ways. It can bring new potential customers, promote your new products and services.

Allowing you to stay in contact with your precious consumers. Welcome emails create a decent impression for your brand/company. Because showing some gratitude towards your future customers won’t hurt. While it can actually help you build a good relationship with them.

Best examples to write impressive welcome emails for your new subscribers

So we have collected some welcome email examples that actually work. And you’ll be able to use the same structure and tactics easily. Thankfully you can optimize them to grow your business via email marketing if used properly!

Let’s have a closer look at some email examples that you can start using from today!

1. Airbnb

Welcome email from Airbnb is a good example of simplicity and guidance. Without excessive promotions or content, their emails are to the point. Along with easy-to-access buttons that can actually help the customer with completing necessary tasks. You can try creating a similar welcome email template. As it includes fewer elements it can be easier to implement.

2. Lyft

With a single page design, Where CTA ( call to action ) is the center of attraction. Lyft welcome email is rather focused on converting visitors into customers. With a short walkthrough of how their service works, people are more likely to interact with CTA. Creating a single-paged welcome email like this with the required info is easy to try.

3. Headspace

Describing your key features or services in welcome emails is another great way. To welcome your new customers and offer them the best products/services you got, with the help of quality graphics. You can take the same approach as headspace to guide your new customers with ease.

4. Mint mobile

A template similar to landing pages, mint mobile has done it effectively. By utilizing an attention-grabbing headline, good color combination with the background. While promoting how affordable their services are, they have provided proper navigation. Creating a similar welcome email can create a good impression for sure.

5. Omnisend

A huge WELCOME! with a thank you note, works almost every time. Omnisend has smartly optimized the welcome email. By providing a scratch card along with the welcome text, they can encourage the reader to interact with the email.

6. Velasca

This example is more suitable for niches that involve, personal needs. If your business is related to clothing, grooming, or other related services. Then choosing a similar welcome email template can help you spread brand awareness easily.

7. Nintendo

A splendid user interface that allows anyone to interact easily. Welcome email from Nintendo focuses on two elements at the same time. First of all, they’re using enough graphics to make it more attractive. And utilizing their content alongside the graphic elements for a better success rate.

8. Skyscanner

Promoting their official app and welcoming new users at the same time, Skyscanner’s welcome email looks appealing. Mentioning the reasons why they’re better compared to others, creates a strong brand presence. You can use a similar template to promote and interact at the same time.

9. Stampsy

Step by step instructions is essential if your business has any complicated processes. Because new users aren’t sure how to use or navigate through it. With a simple three-step process stampsy has done a good job. You can use similar placement for elements if your business is compatible with it.

10. LYNK

Using encouraging text for new users is important. And LYNK has used enough of it, to make anyone click on that button. Another tip you can utilize is they provide a fun fact with every email. It creates interest for readers and makes them read till the end.

11. Tables

Without any extra written content, tables have mentioned their key points. Along with a set of delicious dishes to maintain the element of interest. You can create a similar template with a single button to interact with.

12. Saturdays NYC

Giveaways and extra discounts are a great way to welcome your new customers. Saturdays NYC follows a simple template. In which the main focus of email is to make the discount visible and easy to claim. You can try this simple method which is highly converting too.

13. Leesa

Copying this template can be tricky for you. Because it requires professional email marketing software, to place the elements at the right place. Leesa mattresses have made the email while keeping in mind the age of their target audience.

14. Realty Buzz

If you’re also in a competitive niche similar to this example. Then making sure that your reader understands your services properly is essential. To make that happen you may need to combine textual & visual content both.

15. School email

When vacations are over, modern schools often contact their students via emails. You can see how well the content is organized. With a few animated figures, you can make it attractive for new users easily.

16. Ally Capellino

If your goal is to increase sales and get more potential customers. Using a similar template as Ally Capellino can help you. Try to keep your best products visible in the email. While encouraging the new users to buy something, offer a discount code if possible.

17. Chubbies

A compelling headline full of gratitude works really well. Just like chubbies, you can tell your users, what to expect from your emails in the future. It will decrease your chances of losing potential customers.

18. EAAtlantaCommunity

Pointing out the difficulties your potential customers are facing is good practice. However, you need to provide the possible solutions along with them. Using the top 20% of their email for pointing out the main motive is a wise decision.

19. Fenwick

With a template that resembles your actual site, you encourage the reader to visit your site. Along with an easy-to-use navigation bar, and social sharing options, Fenwick welcome email is sure to convert. Following a similar template can help you get more social shares for brand promotion.

20. Sendinblue

A very simple interface with a welcome note, Sendinblue believes in simplicity. Instead of trying too many elements at the same time, you can expose your CTA button more.

Impressive Welcome Email Examples For New Subscribers!

Final words

The process of writing attractive welcome emails differs for every niche/business. So choosing the best suitable template accordingly is mandatory. You can always change it later, after enough testing and improvement.

Therefore, go through the list of promising welcome email examples. Make sure to mention any doubts you might have regarding the welcome emails and don’t forget to share this useful information with others.

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