50+ Food Blog Post Ideas and Examples that People Would Love

Being a foodie is a very interesting hobby. So many people tend to start their food blog for sharing the knowledge they have. People who are looking for information related to food and recipes every day are eager to try something new and impress other people around them.

You can help them shine by providing the best quality content regarding food and recipes. But it does not work the same way every time. Because you may have published hundreds of blog posts related to food but eventually you will run out of ideas.

In the end, you will get stressed out thinking about some new blog post ideas for your food blog. It is a common problem that happens with every blogger, So you don’t have to worry about small things like that.

Today we have come up with more than 50 amazing food blog posts examples that will make you want to start writing right away! So keep reading the article and explore any ideas that might be useful for creating quality content for your food blog in 2021.

50+ New Food Blog Post Examples and Ideas That People Would Love!

Sharing the same old school recipes and knowledge won’t attract much of the audience. So you need to provide something unique and useful. Like tips or hacks to help your foodies with their preparations or cooking process. Building a personal connection with your audience will give you an upper hand over your competitors in terms of trustworthiness.

Without wasting any time let’s dive into our precious 50+ food blog post ideas list and try your best to utilize each of them for creating a better piece of content for your audience!

Ideas Related To Recipes

Recipes are one of the most important factors when it comes to food blogging. As most of the successful food blogs provide quality recipes regularly people love the unique content style being delivered to them. In fact, most of the readers are waiting for new recipes to get published from specific bloggers, so they can try it by themselves.

You can start providing similar content to attract more readers and create a social bonding with them. Just try to think out of the box and keep experimenting with new stuff to come up with amazing recipes frequently!

  • Creating new recipes completely from scratch
  • Make some quick recipes that can be created in less time
  • Share your experience of creating some foreign recipes
  • Try creating a perfect version of a specific recipe
  • Experiment with antique recipes that are popular among foodies. Work on it to make a modern version with a special touch of yours to attract more readers.
  • Cooking for a large number of people at once can be quite challenging for beginners, so why not share a complete guide on how to cook for crowds?
  • Take challenges from your newsletter subscribers or followers and try to make the mentioned recipe to increase the engagement rate.
  • Try cooking a professional and hard recipe that you had always wanted to cook and share your experience with everyone.
  • Join with your family and friends while trying new recipes and share the experience on your blog.
  • Collect some of the easiest to cook recipes for college/school students living on their own.
  • Kid-friendly snack recipes for day camps or daycare.
  • Show how moms can easily create healthy protein-packed snacks for outdoor activities like shopping, climbing, etc.

Simple Tips And Hacks

Sharing simple recipes and other guides can be quite interesting for your audience. But they want more useful information regarding food preparation and other help that newbies seek. Gather some simple hacks and tricks that you personally use and create lucrative content for your blog.

Here are some new food blog post examples for creating content around such topics related to food blogging.

  • Write something about your personal life experience that you had related to food
  • Share your experience of taking any type of  special classes in order to learn something new
  • Make a list of your favorite food items and tastes that you personally love
  • Review popular recipe and cookbooks from new publishers
  • Publish a budget-friendly method that you personally use for eating out
  • Review some quick meal products or food packets that are hot in the market
  • Sharing a complete meal plan for an entire week is also a good idea that can be useful for many people
  • There are many food-related apps and platforms that can make the process much easier for newbies to try to create content around them.
  • Share the recent trending food/tastes in the market to keep your readers updated with the latest information
  • Many people like to do outdoor cooking, sharing some tips and hacks related to it can be beneficial
  • Why not create some healthy snack ideas or overnight oat recipes
  • Gather some useful tips and tricks to make kids create their own lunches. Through such activities, they can learn a lot about their abilities and drawbacks.

Growing Your Own Garden

Many food lovers wish to have their own organic garden in the backyard. So they can enjoy organic products that are better than market items. Why not create some informative guides and post them on your blog about how someone can start from scratch and successfully grow an organic garden.

  • Share a complete checklist for building a backyard garden to grow organic veggies and fruits at home
  • Try to find the required tools and supplies at a reasonable price and help your audience to build their garden easily at an affordable price
  • Create tutorials regarding how to choose the best seeds and fertilizers for various types of crops and veggies.
  • Share the pictures and results of your hard work that you do to grow your garden daily.
  • Also, don’t forget to mention pesticides and related stuff that helps in keeping the bugs away from your precious garden.
  •  Help others to sell their organic products or how to use them. If they already have built a garden by themselves.
  • Tutor new gardeners about how they can improve the quality of organic vegetables and fruits.
  • Get in touch with other gardeners to exchange ideas and thoughts and get a better understanding of the whole thing.
  • Write a detailed article on how to fix a destroyed organic garden and grow it again from scratch.
  • How to garden in a small place or without a proper backyard
  • Easy ways to complete garden chores
  • Share tips and tricks for increasing garden productivity and how to keep it for a longer period of time.
  • Demonstrate how someone can build a kitchen garden, herb garden, or salad gardens at their home easily.
  • Show a proper way to harvest and use the organic plants from the garden.

Seasonal Food-Related Thoughts

Tastes and traditions change with nature, As different seasons come and go people are more likely to try something new and different. Or you can say seasonal food. Write about your favorite food items and share your own thoughts on seasonal food and items related to it.

Take a look at this quick list that may help you create some interesting content for your new food blog.

  • Share your favorite recipes according to the different seasons that you love to enjoy!
  • Try to provide some tips and thoughts on how someone can preserve the food items during different seasons.
  • Create articles that demonstrate how to create quick meals to increase immunity during frequent weather changes.
  • Mention the food items and vegetables that are available during specific seasons in your neighborhood.
  • Share DIY seasonal meal plans with your audience so they can explore the different cuisines.
  • If you love to do photography related to food and other stuff share it with your readers.
  • Review different food gadgets from various companies and share the best quality products with your readers. You can also use affiliate links to make some extra commission if someone buys from your blog.
  • A quick guide on how to keep the kitchen and essentials clean through all seasons can be very helpful!
  • Try creating seasonal food and snacks for your pets according to their tastes.
  • Use infographics to make the information easy to understand for people when sharing lots of tips altogether.

Guiding Others For Starting A Business

Not everyone is a foodie like most people, some of them are looking for a proper path to follow and turn their passion into a profession. You can help such people by creating articles about this particular topic. As most food bloggers want to grow their audience and make a persistent income you can start sharing useful information right away!

Go with a step by step definitive guide with solid proof to keep them hooked up with your blog posts. Keep publishing useful information daily and you won’t find it difficult to get new ideas each day.

  • Share your personal tips to grow as a food blogger in the industry.
  • Write about how a newbie can take quality food pictures and how to edit those pictures using perfect editing software that is easy to use.
  • Try creating round-ups for longer food-related content to make it more digestible for your audience.
  • Recommend other professional and successful food bloggers within the industry that you admire the most.
  • Do collaborations with similar food bloggers and share the experience with your audience to keep them hooked up with amazing content.
  • Create a complete checklist for starting a new food blog and growing it from scratch.
  • Share some information regarding starting a new e-commerce store for organic food and grocery.
  • You can also mention how someone can start selling garden related tools and required supplements to make it a successful business.
  • Suggest the best tools and investment methods to start a successful food business.

Food Ideas Regarding Special Situations

Imagine enjoying yourself on a beach in Hawai or other great places with the cold breeze from the sea. People love to travel around the globe but sometimes they lack the management skills that are required for planning a successful trip or picnic with their loved ones.

Whether it’s cooking something new recipe for the picnic or arranging how to pack a cooler for a camping trip. You can pay attention to these small problems that your readers may face in real life and create content around them to help them.

  • Celebrate a particular day like the Fourth of July or August civic holiday with your friends and loved ones while sharing useful information and ideas with each other.
  • Mention how someone can easily get quality portable food to take along on road trips or picnics.
  • Suggest some of the best places and hotels where anyone can find delicious food even if they are far from home!
  • Demonstrate how people can enjoy summer vacations with proper grilling and baking activities.
  • Create your own recipes that stand out from others. Don’t forget to add your special touch to the recipe to make it unique. Later on, you can share this little secret with your readers.
  • Share some picnic ideas including planning, management, and taking care of food safety at the same time.
  •  Write about homemade barbeque sauce recipes. As people love to do barbeque in their backyard sharing spicy and hot BBQ sauce recipes can be a great choice.
  •  Brainstorm about the most popular and delicious snacks that you personally like to eat. And share them on your food blog.
  •  Share your ideas and information related to canning and preserving various foods.
  • Food tips for making jams, pickles, and other similar items with different fruits and food items.
  • Create allergy-friendly lunch boxes and easy to prepare lunch boxes that can be very helpful while dealing with a certain amount of people.


Finding new ideas for creating content can be quite frustrating at times. Hence, most of the bloggers get depressed over small things like this. You don’t have to worry about it just use the above ideas/topics to start creating quality content for your new food blog.

If you have more food blog post examples or ideas then make sure to mention them in the comments section below. And share this beautiful list of ideas with other food bloggers if you found it useful.

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