How to Create A Widely Successful Online Course

Nowadays, online courses are becoming the most trending in the teaching field. People like employers, part-time job workers, seek education as well. For them, it’s difficult to study in a regular 9 am – 5 pm time. So, this kind, of course, is a lifesaver for them which helps to study anytime anywhere they want, all they need to do is to just have an internet connection with them.

how to create successful online course

Things Needed to Create Online Courses

Before getting into how to create online courses, you should need some things prepared priorly. Let’s see what are those.


  • Good knowledge in PowerPoint
  • Video, audio and screen recording software
  • Animation software


  • Webcam
  • Microphone

Now you are set to go. So, Let’s get started!

Step 1: Select the “Topic” in which your 100% sure

You might be an all-rounder in teaching but, you always need a plan on what you are good at and what suits you the best. If you skip this step trust me it’s going to hit, you bad somewhere later. Start with one category such as python, java or if you are from the electronics field you can go for Arduino, raspberry pi tutorials. There is no limit or computer-related courses, it can be anything, if you are running a beauty blog or DIY home decor or any niche blog, you can start with them. The whole point is to select a topic and go with it.

Step 2: Bob the Builder

First, you need to set the plan, or else it’s like putting all work in waste. Imagine you built a home without deciding where all rooms should go, and you mistakenly placed the kitchen with no exhaust and bathroom full of windows will that be a nice view? Likewise, It may become a disaster if you misplace your content in your lecture. You should always have the flow control of your lecture and your content should lead one step at a time.

Step 3: Launch Your Courses!

Now that’s important to choose. You did all the hard work but no one is noticing? that’s disappointing right? For this, you need to select the website where you are going to launch your course. There are so many websites that, provide online courses. You can join as a member in it so that, people can notice you and you can have a better navigator to guide from the very beginning till the end. One of those websites is The specialty of is their pricing…! They provide all solutions under the same platform as you can also create your own page using their simple drag and drop layout, you can even publish your blog using Creating quiz questions is also an easy job on this website.

Step 4: Curriculum

Now that’s a time-consuming work. The curriculum can be limelight for your topic. Doing this will help the viewers to have clarity about your content.  Prepare the needed curriculum for your topic, prepare the day-wise schedule for the topic. Fix a time for a specific topic like,

  • Introduction to Python                                         – 3 Session
    • What is python?                                            – 1 Session
    • How to install Python                                    – 2 session
  • Python Programming Structure                            – 2 session
    • Basic Variables and Data Types                    – 1 session
    • Conditional and non-conditional statements – 1 session

Step 5: Presentation

An appealing video always has a good response. Put all your creativity in the presentation and provide support audio for reference. If you are making courses for kids, you better prepare the video with animation and keep it simple because kids love colors and funny images. If you couldn’t make animation, go with GIF images to make it more understanding than normal words.

Step 5: Record it!

Decide whether it’s going to be a powerpoint presentation or animation. After finishing all your presentation methods, record the content. If you feel your voice is not satisfactory or you have difficulty in communication, try making the video as animated with subtitles which can be equally satisfactory.

Step 6: Evaluate

How will you know that your students understood what you taught them…? You can make sure they understood all those concepts by evaluating them. You can prepare a quiz at the end of each session to keep track of their conceptual knowledge.

Step 7: Pricing

Ohh man.. this course costs 20 bucks per hour..? I may prefer any other website instead of this. This will be the reaction of a student when he comes to know that, the price goes beyond his budget. It is a healthy factor to maintain the nominal price for a course because, when the pricing goes high the viewer’s count goes low.

Step 8: Validate Your Online Courses

Why do we have exams?  hah, I think at least not to torture us. Well truly, it’s to validate your knowledge of how much you understood the daily day lessons and also to find out your subject-wise excellence. Your school or college will train you on this particular subject you are weak. In the same way, now we are going to validate the content which you have recorded for online courses. I know it’s going too long but this validation also has certain steps to follow.


Point out in what way your course is unique, what are the features involved in it? If you couldn’t find out make your content unique and standalone.


Paste some of your key contents and search on google, see what are the results. Find whether your courses have been shown on the search results. If not, do some keyword research and add some targeted keywords to content so people can find you.


Some people don’t search for online courses, they get those ideas when they get into some sites and purchase products. Like, when people search for products on shopping websites they accidentally come to know they even sell ebooks. So if possible, you can advertise your content or if the website you are uploading the courses,  provides advertising options then just go for it.


Try to answer the questions related to your topic in social community sites or any forum and make people follow you and if possible include your course link as a reference to some questions in the forum.

Additional Tips

Well, above we have discussed some ways to create online courses and it also includes the way of publishing your courses too. Rember this, You should always update yourself and try to collect feedback from people who read your online course which may help you in the future to rectify the flaw in your method.

Teaching is an awesome feeling, it can only be felt when you put all your interest in your course lecture. When you have a passion to teach and make people understand, online teaching is not a difficult task for you because you will do all you can to chase your passion. Whatever your teaching method is your ultimate goal is to make students understand you.


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