How To Find Trending Topics For Your New Blog

Creating quality content for any blog is not an easy task! as you will require to find something new and interesting for your audience. No matter which niche you choose to write about, eventually you will have to create content around trending topics that people love to talk about. But finding hot topics in the trend can be a headache if you are not aware of quality sources that can provide you such topics for your blog. For example, if you have a beauty blog then you will need to collect the trending products, services in your field.

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So you can share your opinion regarding those trending topics on your blog. Social media platforms are very helpful when it comes to finding trending topics regarding a specific niche for any blog. In this article, we will go through many methods that you can use to easily find trending topics. let’s get started and see whether any of the methods work for your blog or not.

How to find trending topics for your blog in 2021!

You would be familiar with most of the options below but using them in the right manner is most important for curating trending topics from them. So you can learn how to optimize all the methods to your advantage. Because if you don’t provide the best and trending content to your readers, chances of losing ranking or visitors will increase automatically! In order to avoid such situations consider going through all options available below.

1. Google Trends

One of the best methods to come up with organic traffic-driving content. Google trends are based on accurate monitoring processes and data that is directly collected from the search engines by google. As the data is related to search terms and people’s search behavior you can find very interesting topics with high search volume.

Simply type in your browser “Google Trends” and log in via any of your Google accounts. Now you have access to the database with numerous content ideas that are trending. However, you will have to enter a seed keyword for getting recommendations. It will show you a list of topics and ideas that are being searched by people all over the world. Another good feature of google trends is that you will be able to see the number of monthly searches each topic has. You can also filter the results according to various regions and many other filtering options.

2. Join Discussions

Discussions are very common on the internet. You can find such discussions in forums or pages related to your niche and join them to find some trending problems or ideas that might be useful for creating quality content. You can start by joining forums related to your blog, simply head to Google and type in ” [ Your Niche Keyword ] + Forums “.

It will show you a complete list of related forums that have ongoing discussions within them. Choose something that doesn’t look spammy and has a good number of people involved in the discussion. After joining a few forums you can help other people regarding any problem they have. This can be a great opportunity to see what kind of information they seek and what type of content you should create to attract more visitors to your blog.

3. Analyze Facebook Groups

If you have not joined any Facebook groups related to your niche until now then you can not expect to find trending topics. Being free to use and easy to implement joining Facebook groups related to your blog is a great way to interact with new people while exchanging the knowledge and information they have.

People share their personal problems and ideas in groups where you can analyze them to create content around such topics. Another great thing about Facebook groups is that you can join as many as you want. That can lead to lots of new and trending topics.

4. Medium

If you love reading quality content from other publishers who post regularly, then can be an ideal choice for you. It is a content-sharing platform that allows you to share your own content and ideas with everyone around the globe! Many professional writers and publishers contribute to with the content they have created for everyone.

Joining this amazing platform is very easy. Visit their official site here and signup for a new account. You can also log in directly using the Google account if you have one. Once the process is complete it will ask you for your interests and topics you like, choose the related options.

Later on, you can explore the sea of content that holds. Don’t forget to visit the different categories and popular content in medium sections. They will help you come up with many trending topics.

5. Reddit Discussions

Being the front page of the internet, Reddit can bring you lots of trending topics. all you need to do is create an account on Reddit and log in to join the groups ( subreddits ). Once you are done joining with a few subreddits it’s time to look out for some hot discussions that people are having.

Present your thoughts regarding the topics of several discussions in subreddits. If you are providing a legitimate opinion that people love, you may end up being on the top of the conversation. This can also help you drive some organic targeted traffic to your blog posts completely free!

6. Twitter!

You may be already using this amazing social media platform. Without a further introduction to this service used by millions of people around the world, Using Twitter to find New & Trending topics can help you a lot.

Register for a new account if you don’t have one. And you can choose your interests after the registration is complete. Another great feature of Twitter is that you can go through all of the trends by visiting the home page of your Twitter account.

Even celebrities and politically involved people use Twitter for standing out from others on social media. It can be a great choice for you to follow successful personalities within your industry and collect new content ideas every day.

7. BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo is one of those powerful platforms that can actually generate some results for your research. No doubt you will have to pay some monthly/yearly fees according to their policy. However, you can always use their free trial service to find out whether it will work for your blog or not.

You can think of this as a keyword research solution with advanced data analysis services. To use this powerful platform at your advantage simply type in any keyword, domain name, or related term to find some hot and trending topics regarding them.

8. Pinterest

A wonderful platform to share quality images and information with everyone. Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms that people love to use for sharing and acquiring useful knowledge according to their requirements.

Quality images are mandatory if you want to shine on Pinterest. But if you want to use this as a source of new and innovative ideas for content then you won’t be disappointed too. Because Pinterest has almost every type of image you will need in your lifetime.

Going through the trending section of Pinterest will help you find the ideas for creating content around trending topics in your niche. You can even contact the picture owners to have a little conversation with them for new ideas.

9. Quora

If you are often searching for solutions related to lifestyle and other common issues you may have come across Quora once in a while. Being one of the most trusted websites for Q & A, Quora ranks for many search terms that are not answered by bloggers or site owners.

Joining this platform will allow you to represent your ideas and help people with routine life problems. But if you are looking for trending topics in the market then going through the top content on your homepage will help you a lot.

You can also enter a related topic or keyword to find the best content available on Quora that is related to your search term. Analyze different pieces of content to come up with your own unique ideas and publish them on your blog.

10. Mix

The mix is not much popular as other platforms in this list but still, if you use it wisely you won’t regret it for sure. Mix claims to be the personalized discovery platform that unlocks more of the internet that you care about! If you care about the top-class content then you don’t have to waste your time finding it.

The intelligent algorithm used by Mix automatically finds the best gems on the internet and collects them for Mix users. By using this service you can explore an unseen section of the internet that will help you find which topics are trending and how professionals create content around such topics.

Great thing is that using Mix is completely free of cost! simply sign in using a Google account and get started in finding new opportunities. You can also share your own blog posts to get more targeted traffic directly from Mix.

11. BuzzFeed

As the name suggests Buzzfeed is a type of platform that focuses on providing the latest and trending topics from all over the internet. They post content on trending topics regularly so without worrying about finding trending ideas with quality content you should join it already if you have not done so.

The interesting thing you will be able to see is the way of presenting the most trending topics from the market. While using Buzzfeed you can see which topics are most trending at Buzzfeed on the right-hand side. You can also learn how to frame your titles for the best click-through rates when your articles are ranked in the top listings.

12. Feedly

If you are looking for trending topics then Feedly can be very handy. It’s a powerful platform that helps in organizing and find trending topics around your niche. Hence, you will have to pay for using this service if you intend to go in-depth with your research. Starting at $6/month billed yearly you can take the subscription along with additional features for better trends and ideas.

You can also continue with the free version also, as long as it benefits your blog our recommendation would be to use it whenever necessary. What it actually does is that it will help you sort out the unnecessary content recommendations from various sources. Allowing you to prioritize the best and trending topics within your interests. You can focus on finding new opportunities for content creation.

13. Go Through Similar Blogs

Don’t get too busy managing your own blog. Instead, you should consider visiting some popular blogs in the same niche as yours that provide quality content on trending topics. You may not find any trending topics there but you can analyze the content pattern to figure out how you can find something hot on the internet.

Most professional bloggers stay updated about their competitors to make sure they are not missing out on anything. Doing so can also help you find some organic keywords with low competition that can be later used for creating new articles on your blog/website.

14. YouTube Trends

YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google. You can not ignore such a great opportunity that can help you drive organic traffic and boost up your engagement rate even more compared to others. YouTube trends are very similar to Google Trends, But the only difference you will see is that YouTube will give you data regarding videos instead of simple search terms.

You can go through the recent trends to figure out some interesting topics for creating new content. If you have a YouTube channel related to your blog then it would be a perfect way to redirect your YouTube traffic directly to the blog. Simply invest some of your time and effort into creating a good video. And don’t forget to provide a link to your blog post for additional information.

15. Social Mention

Social mention is basically a type of tool that allows you to churn out the best trending topics from social media, blogs, images, videos, microblogs, bookmarks, and many other sources. They claim to be a real-time social media search and analysis platform that can be very useful for finding data regarding trends.

Using this new tool is very simple, just visit their official site here and type in the seed keywords or niche related to your blog. You can also filter the results according to different kinds of content sources by selecting a particular option from the list.


There are tons of ways to get around the problem of finding trending topics from the busy internet world. You are already aware of some of them mentioned in the list above, But we would suggest you stick to only 2-3 at a time that can drive you positive results quickly! Share this amazing guide if you found it useful and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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