How To Get Google To Index Site Faster in 2021?

Indexing is the term that is used to refer to a site or blog and decide, whether it is listed on the index of a specific search engine or not. Yes, you heard that right! every search engine has its own index that can be used to find and organize the sites/blogs according to the requirements.

How to index faster on Google

Organizing such a huge number of blogs and websites every day takes a lot of work and effort. As millions of new blogs and articles are published daily the process of indexing such new content resources can take longer than usual. Google is also one of those search engines. Who deals with this process every minute. But you don’t have to worry about it. Because our main goal is to get our new blog/site indexed quickly within Google’s index. So it can appear in search results and drive some organic traffic over time.

Process To Get Your New Blog Indexed Quickly

The first thing you require to make your blog visible to search engines and start ranking for several keywords is Google’s search console. It is a free platform where you can directly submit a new blog/website in google’s database. As the platform is linked with Google the chances of faster indexing of your blog posts will increase for sure.

Just adding your blog to the search console will not solve your problem. If you have never used Google search console before. We recommend you create a google account and set up your new blog with search console. It is a simple process that you can complete by following the simple steps provided at the time of adding your blog.

Crawling Your Blog And Blog Posts Manually

After you have added your new blog successfully in the search console. The next step is to visit the URL inspection section within the search console platform. Afterward, copy the URL of your pages that you want to get indexed faster in Google. And analyze them using the URL inspection tool provided in the search console.

Once the process is complete it will show you whether your page is ready to get indexed or not. If it says that your page is compatible with indexing then click on the “Request Indexing” option to make the indexing faster.

If you completed the process successfully then google crawlers will visit your inserted page and try to index it as soon as possible. But you will need to maintain the content quality for faster indexing of your articles in the future.

Sharing Your Content On Authority Sites

Authority sites like twitter and Quora are very trustworthy in the eyes of google. With higher domain authority and a huge amount of organic traffic, these sites can be a great way to make your indexing process faster compared to others. You can create an account on these platforms instantly and share your useful information with others. People love to get in touch with others who might have useful info regarding their queries and questions.

So if you manage to provide better answers on sites like Quora and other forums you can possibly get lots of free quality traffic directly from authority sites. Once your site has quality backlinks from such sites the google crawlers may give more preference to your articles and content to index them much faster compared to before.

Get Rid Of Low-Quality Pages On Your Blog

There are numerous pages on a blog, most of them are blog posts written by the site owner. However, apart from these articles, there are many other pages that can be crawled by Google bots automatically. Like tags, categories and other similar entities may be counted as individual pages that your blog provides.

Considering these extra pages as solid content would be a waste of time for Google crawlers. So removing them or avoiding them from being crawled. Is necessary to improve the crawling rate of your articles and getting them indexed much faster.

You can use plugins like SEO Yoast to define the type of pages easily. And decide the pages you want to get indexed faster by google crawlers. Doing so increases the speed of the crawling and indexing process. As the bots don’t have to put in much effort for completing the process.


Indexing your new articles quickly is very important. If you want to rank for specific keywords quickly than others. Once your content is indexed successfully you can work on SEO factors to improve the SERP rankings according to your requirements.

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