How To Pinpoint Your SEO Progress? 6 KPIs For Accurate SEO Tracking

Blogging is the process of helping yourself while helping others. In simple words, you need to provide enough value to those people who visit your blog for solutions. Considering the current competition in the market, you will have a hard time growing a blog from scratch if you are not willing to help your readers in any way possible. But providing value should not be your only focus if you wish to compete with others.

How To Pinpoint Your SEO Progress? 6 KPIs for accurate tracking

In this article, we are going to discuss why SEO progress tracking plays an important role in blogging. Additionally, we will go through some KPIs which are essential for tracking any blog’s SEO accurately. Hence, if you are not aware of the process to track your SEO progress, keep reading till the end to find out!

How To Pinpoint Your SEO Progress?

Making a blog successful requires a lot of practice put together. Especially if you are swimming with some big competitors within the same water, Understanding the importance of SEO is essential.

However, it is not enough to shine your blog in the top three search engine result pages. Measuring how much progress you are making with your SEO efforts is a process of tracking various data sources simultaneously.

Why SEO Progress Tracking Is Important?

It goes without saying that considerable efforts and investment are the keystones for making any blog successful. But putting your efforts in the right direction is more important in order to increase the success ratio.

Working without knowing whether your efforts are paying off or not is waste of time. In the same manner, tracking your SEO progress is essential to make sure your blog keeps growing.

Accurate SEO tracking can help you make important decisions regarding your next move. As it can help you evaluate the investments and efforts more easily, pinpointing your current SEO progress will allow you to make necessary changes to your SEO/Marketing strategy. Moreover, you can deal with any broken links and unnecessary SEO resources for maintaining an effective SEO profile.

6KPIs For Accurate SEO Tracking

1. Conversion Rate

This metric may not apply to every blog on the internet but it is more or less important for SEO progress measurement. Knowing how many visitors are actually converting after reading your content can be beneficial to compare your SEO growth under certain circumstances.

Whereas, using the right SEO software and tools can simplify the monitoring process and convert the results into possible solutions for improving your blog. Especially when it comes to the conversion rate, there are a lot of key factors that you need to take care of. From visitors’ on-page time to how they interact with your content, everything matters. Therefore, utilizing WordPress plugins like Google Sitekit can aid track down your conversions for free.

2. Keyword Position

Keywords are like unique race tracks where a lot of competitors race for the same goal. To put it simply, tracking your current keyword positions can put you one step ahead of your competitors. Your blog has a lot of different keywords and it competes with more than one competitor for that keyword to stay in the top SERP positions.

Differentiate between the lower and higher competition keywords for guiding your efforts to long-tail keywords. As these keywords tend to perform way better in terms of SEO growth, monitoring the long-tail keyword positions can benefit you with more organic traffic every month.

3. Backlink Tracking

As we all know creating quality backlinks is an important element of the SEO process. Whether you are using guest posting or any other means to create backlinks for your blog, tracking all of them is necessary. And the main reason why backlink tracking is important is to avoid potential damage from broken links.

Broken links create a negative impression in front of the search engine crawlers. Whenever the crawlers visit a webpage and find out the link to your URL is not functioning, it will automatically consider it as broken. Therefore, removing these broken links and increasing the quality links is essential to track your SEO progress.

4. Organic Traffic

The traffic that your blog receives directly from different search engines like Google and Bing is known as organic traffic. As you do not have to pay anything for this traffic, it is the best form of traffic in comparison to others. Not to mention a decent amount of organic traffic is one of the KPIs for every blog.

It indicates your keyword standings on the SERPs ladder for specific search engines. Therefore, you should have ample knowledge of how to track your rank on Bing and Google. You can sign up for the webmaster tools access for free to track down these metrics. By finalizing the amount of traffic received from search queries, you can get a basic idea of your SEO progress.

5. Marketing Progress

Posting quality content consistently is mandatory to keep your visitors filled up with the latest information. However, promoting your blog posts is as important as publishing them on time. Sharing them on social media platforms and other sources won’t require a lot of attention.

In the case you are running dedicated marketing campaigns for blog growth, monitoring your marketing progress can help you with SEO tracking. Whereas, focusing on decreasing your overall CPC costing can lend you a hand for better campaigns. Apart from other SEO metrics, the lower your CPC costing is, the better your SEO progress.

6. Site Performance

Your overall site performance is one of the most important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). It allows you to estimate the current performance and growth capabilities of your blog. However, measuring site performance may sound like a tough job for first-timers. Thankfully, there are many ways to measure your site performance in just a few clicks.

The first solution is integrating your blog with an efficient SEO tool that can complete the job. You can enter your blog details and additional details to run a quick site performance checkup. When it comes to efficient SEO tools there is a tough competition between Mangools vs Semrush. No doubt you can choose either of them due to their service quality.

Wrapping Up

Pinpointing your SEO progress can help you in many different ways. As we discussed earlier there are a lot of data that you have to deal with. Monitoring and processing the data on a large scale can put you under a lot of stress unless you are using powerful and reliable SEO software. Not to mention improving your weak spots can push you higher on the SERP ladder more quickly.

In conclusion, SEO tracking is a part of the blogging process that we can not ignore. Even if you decide to not waste your time on it, things will only get worse if your blog is not heading in the right direction. Therefore, consider the 6KPIs essential and pursue them as accurately as possible. If you found this information useful, share it with other bloggers, and feel free to ask any questions below.

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