Best 11 Ways to Promote Your Blog on Facebook Effectively

Newly starting and gaining traffic to your blog is not easy at this time. You will face problems in every niche because of the competition. At this time many people start doing blogging, so the competition is increasing day by day.

So to gain visitors, you have to optimize your blog and articles, otherwise, you have to use paid promotions. There are many ways to promote your blog. You have to invest your time in most of them, So in this article, I will only discuss how you can promote your blog and your content on Facebook.

best ways to promote blog on facebook

Why you should use Facebook to promote your Blog

Social media platforms are quite popular among people at this time, So this is a good platform to promote anything. There are many ways to gain your blog audiences through Facebook. There are mainly two ways to gain audiences. One is without spending money and another is spending money on paid promotions. You will gain audiences fast if you choose to use paid-promotions on Facebook. Except for that, there are also some good points, which make Facebook a better-paid promotion program.

  • Facebook Audience Network allows you to target your audience. This feature helps you to reach the right audiences.
  • The setup of the Facebook Audience Network is easy and simple.
  • This increases the organic traffic of your blog.
  • Facebook Audience Network’s Cost Per Click ( CPC ) price is low compared to other paid platforms.

On the other hand, if you do not want to spend money on paid promotions, then also Facebook is a good platform because many people use Facebook in their day-to-day life, So if you post anything then the chance of bringing traffic to your blog is also high.

How you can promote your blog on Facebook

There is a program on Facebook, which will help you to promote your blog, but you have to spend money to use this program. The actual name of the paid promotion program is Facebook Audience Network. According to a report, over 1 billion people use Facebook Audience Network to promote their blog, website, products, etc every month. Okay, now let’s discuss How you can use Facebook to promote your blog and gain traffic to your blog.

1. Create Your Facebook Fan Page

Creating a new Facebook Fan Page should be your first step. Creating a Facebook Fan Page is easy. You do not need to create an extra account for your page. You can easily create the page through your personal Facebook account. So that you do not need to log out to access your account. You can access both your account and your blog fan page account just by logging one account.

If you use the Facebook fan page to upload small massages and posts, photos, and other stuff, then it will interact with the readers with your blog fan page. So that people will come back to your page to get new recommendations and content.

If they like your content, then maybe they will share your blog fan page with others and it will bring more traffic to your page and your blog. This is a simple and effective trick to promote your content and get traffic to your blog. But you have to provide valuable content that should be liked by the readers.

2. Share your blog post on your Facebook fan page

Posting blog posts and their link is one of the best ways to promote on Facebook. Whenever you post anything on your blog, you have to post and inform on your fan page also. If you do not do this, then you may lose some of the important visitors to your blog. Alongside, if you fail to manage and update the fan page then you can lose your existing audience also.

You have to make your blog a Brand on Facebook. You have to post unique content on your Facebook fan page, which should be classy. And remember do not share everything from your blog post. You have to copy to the classy point and after that paste the post link. So the shared context should be very interesting. Also, try to use an attractive photo with that. You will get 100% traffic from Facebook if you do these steps carefully. So do not lose your focus and make the post as classy as possible.

3. Attract more people to read your post

When a person sees or wants to read a post, at first, he looks the photo that is provided by the post. Afterward, he read the headline. If he finds the photo and headline interesting, then he clicks the post and read it up. People do not know the value and facts which are provided in the post, they only judge the post by the heading and photos.

If you provide high-quality content on that post but you are not able to make the headline and post photo attractive, then maybe you will lose the person who is seeing the post. So to promote the blog post on Facebook, at first, you have to focus on the headline and the photo, which you are going to post on your Facebook Fan Page.

4. Make Facebook blogger friends and share their contents

Sharing another blogger friend’s content is a brilliant strategy. Do not share non-related posts on your Facebook page. If you collaborate with other bloggers and tell them to post your content on his Fan Page and you post his content on your Fan Page, then you will get some amount of his loyal audience and he also gets some amount of your audience.

This is a very profitable easy way to promote your blog and your Facebook Fan Page. Many bloggers do this to receive additional traffic to their blog. Social media means sharing, so take some advantage of this trick to promote your content on Facebook.

5. Always interact with the audiences

Interacting with your followers is a bit hard. It takes time and effort. You have to well-manage your Facebook Fan Page and respond to the comment of your audience. You should use good quality photos on the banner section and use the main logo of your blog as the profile picture of your fan page.

In the beginning, you may not get many followers, so at that time respond to those audiences who are visiting your page and blog daily. It will build a connection between you and the audience and this connection will help you to get new audiences.

Always be loyal and provide valuable information and content. Building a bonding is the main motive for receiving a better response. If you want a loyal fan base, then you have to be loyal and a positive person. This is an essential strategy for growing a Facebook Fan Page. And when you achieve a loyal fan base, it won’t be so hard to promote your blog on Facebook.

6. Promote your blog content on Facebook Audience Network

If you have money to spend on paid promotions, then Facebook Audience Network is a great platform for you. I have already explained shortly why Facebook Audience Network is a good platform to promote content. Its features and low cost make it a better platform. But there are some features which you should use to make your post as much as visible. I will explain some important points in the following points. Make sure to read further.

7. Target Audience as you wish

In Facebook Audience Network, you can target the right people to show your ads. You can simply target your audience on the basis of locations, gender, age, interest in topics or even you can target the audience on the basis of education status and relationship status. So it is a great platform to show ads of your content to the right people.

8. Use Custom Audience Feature

This amazing feature allows you to target those people who already have visited your blog or your Facebook page. To use this feature first you have to install Facebook Pixel. After that, you can use this feature completely.

This feature allows you to show ads to all those who visited your blog only, to those people who visited a specific post or page of your blog, to those who visited a specific post or page but not other post or page, and to those who have not visited your blog for a long time. It is a very useful and precious feature. You should use this feature if you want to promote it on Facebook Audience Network.

9. Use the Boost feature of the Facebook post

This is a very effective feature of the Facebook Audience Network. This is the easiest way to promote your blog. All you need to do is choose the audience, add the price budget, and click the boost button below the post.

After that, the campaign will run and Facebook will boost your posts and show the ad to those specific audiences which you have selected. Here is a secret tip to use the boost option – Use the boost option after 40-50 minutes of publishing the original article. This is the best time to boost your post.

10. Some points you should follow to make your post attractive

Facebook and all other social media are all about attractive visuals. If you are not able to make that look great then you will lose the audience. To increase the chance and the percentage of readers, you can use these tips which are given below:

  • Do not make the headline long. Keep it simple, attractive, and short. You can use almost 40-70 characters to write the headline.
  • Use rich words in the heading, like How to, Get, Do, learn to, etc.
  • You can use emojis in the after line of the heading. If you start your article with a Hi then you can add a simple Hi emoji after the Hi. It will make the readers comfortable and also it will give the post a good look.
  • Do not provide full content. Create suspense and add the blog post link and make them go to the blog post.
  • Always use good looking and well-designed photos and visuals on your blog posts and Facebook posts.

If you follow these simple points and apply to the post contents of your Facebook fan page, you will get readers for your blog.

11. Some bonus tips to promote your blog and to make your Facebook Fan Page more popular

Making a Fan Page popular is not easy. You have to be patient and hardworking to make your page popular. When you can make your fan page popular, you do not need to worry about traffic and audience. You will get traffic to your blog automatically. So at first, to make your fan page popular, I have provided some tips and tricks below. It will help you to make your fan page popular and bring new visitors to your page.

  • Your main goal is to get the attention of the people, so write on viral points and share them on your fan page.
  • On Facebook, you can share content in four different ways. Those are text updates, link updates, photo updates, and video updates. So try to share your blog content in those four different ways.
  • When you are going to post anything on Facebook, try to tag others who are interested in your posts.
  • One small tip is to share posts on your personal account also. If you have a good friend list, then they will read your post, and if they found helpful they will share also.
  • Another most useful trick is to search relevant groups and share your page and your blog on them. This is a very simple yet effective way to promote your blog.


Facebook is a great platform to promote blogs. This is a simple and easy to use platform. And also using Facebook you can easily increase the organic traffic of your blog. But in the beginning, you will find it difficult to follow and promote your blog on Facebook. As you start using it daily, you will get used to it. So follow everything which I have explained above. It will definitely help you to promote your blog on Facebook.

If you found the article helpful, then please share it with your friends, family members. Don’t forget to mention any queries or suggestions you have in the comments section below.

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