How to Promote Your Blog with 50+ Best and Proven Tactics

Starting and growing a new blog in 2021 is not easy because of the competition you have to face in any niche. Thousands of new blogs are posted every single day but not each of them has valuable information in their articles.

But if they manage to increase their domain authority with high-quality backlinks then it might be a problem for your new blog. Suppose you have started a new blog that provides useful information regarding online business.

As you have just started posting content on your blog, you will find it very hard to receive traffic in the starting phase. Despite less traffic, your blog will keep growing with time, but make sure to keep your readers engaged with meaningful content daily.

50+ Best Ways To Promote Your Blog to Next Level

There are many methods to grow a new blog in the market and promoting your blog on various platforms is one of the most effective ways. By doing so you can get more people to visit your blog daily and increase your audience base easily.

So how you can promote your new blog in 2021? where should you promote it for the best results? there are lots of questions in your mind and we are here to answer them! Because in this article we are going to discuss 50+ ways to promote your new blog.

1. Using Facebook

Facebook is a great place to promote your newly published blog on the market. As you are already aware of how many people are using Facebook daily if you can reach the peoples who are interested in your content, will help your blog grow easily!

If you can use such an amazing platform for free then you should not be looking for other ways to promote it. For utilizing Facebook to promote your blog you will have to join groups and public chats to interact with others and promote your blog posts.

You can build a fan following by posting useful information on your newsfeed and stories section daily. By doing so you can attract the type of audience who are interested in your work to visit your blog.

2. E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the most popular methods to drive traffic and conversions to a blog. Whether you want to promote a blog or affiliate offers, E-mail marketing is always the best choice for professionals.

But as a newbie in the blogging field, you will have to understand how this method works. E-mail marketing is sending out useful information directly to your reader’s inbox. However, you can not be sure about getting an accurate response from your readers.

So sending out more than one email per day will be a good solution to deal with such people who have not opened up any of your emails till now! Once they find that your information in emails is useful, they will probably visit your blog for better content.

3. Using Twitter

Twitter is one of the best platforms that provide accurate news and information regarding different trends. The number of people who tweet on Twitter daily is around 500 million, so you can imagine how much potential twitter has with such a huge audience.

Creating an account on Twitter is easy and after you have done with the process. you can start twitting popular blog posts from your blog or share any useful tips and hacks on your Twitter handle to attract more people for promoting your blog.

Once you have gathered enough followers on your Twitter handle your blog will start getting decent traffic daily, But make sure to use trending hashtags within your tweets.

4. Infographics

Using infographics is a great way to get more and more people to share your content with others. As infographics are easy to understand they tend to perform better compared to simple images that you may use within your blog posts.

infographic example for blog promotion

Visualizing the information in a more convenient way is the motive of creating infographics. If you don’t have such infographics then you can easily create them using free tools like CANVA and others. If people find out your infographics to be helpful then the chances of them visiting your blog are highly increased.

5. Paid Promotions

Paid promotions are not suggested for every new blogger, because you need a solid budget to afford paid promotions for your blog and drive traffic with it. However, if you have been blogging for a long time and can afford such service then it’s totally worth it!

paid promotion methods

You might need to invest a few bucks but with the quality traffic being redirected to your blog, Rankings and other factors will get increased at the same time. But we would suggest you hire any professional if you are not sure how to utilize paid traffic and promotions.

6. Creating A Channel On YouTube

YouTube channels are easy to set up and can help grow your blog significantly. However, it will take some time to grow a new YouTube channel. But If you have chosen a niche with less competition you can easily rank your videos and blog posts higher than others.

Start a YouTube channel that is related to your blog as soon as possible. Because it will take time to grow, after two or three months you will be able to promote your blog with your YouTube family whenever you want.

7. Using Instagram Pages

Many marketers use social media marketing to its fullest in order to get the most conversions and traffic they can. Instagram pages with enough followers are a great way to promote your new blog and its content with others.

Create your own Instagram page that provides tips and useful info regarding the problems your audience may face daily. By sharing your thoughts and helpful information you can increase your followers on Instagram and post your new articles in your Instagram stories or timeline to promote them.

8. Standing Out On Forums

A lot of people prefer to look for specific forums that are loaded with an enormous amount of knowledge within them. But most of them end up getting the same information everywhere on the internet. You can help such people by sharing your own knowledge in different forums.

Try to join as many as possible and be helpful to everyone, You can use any of your articles to give them a detailed solution. In this way, you can build a brand name in the market and promote your blog at the same time.

9. Joining Niche Related Discussions

People love to discuss their interests so they tend to use online platforms instead of offline ones to connect with more people at the same time. Joining such discussions is also one of the most effective ways to promote your new blog.

You can share your own thoughts with others and represent yourself as an important person during the whole discussion. If they find your information to be helpful you can later share your blog with them to promote it and drive quality traffic easily.

10. Providing Positive Feedback To Others

There are lots of other bloggers in the industry who are working on the same niche as yours. So hitting their blog once in a while can be a good idea to promote your own blog/site. Go through some of their popular blog posts, obviously, you will learn many things by reading them but your main motive is to appreciate their work in the comments section.

By doing so you can attract their audiences that have similar interests and promote your blog in front of the targeted audience. However, it doesn’t mean that you should just visit each blog and start spamming your link everywhere, choose the blogs with quality content only, and make sure to provide useful feedback.

11. Running Ad Campaigns

Ad campaigns are a great way to optimize your marketing budget with enough visitors daily. But running ad campaigns requires a solid budget, So if you are just a beginner in this field then we would not suggest you invest any of your money in running ad campaigns.

ad campaign to promote blog

Still, if you manage to collect some money to promote your new blog then running ad campaigns will boost your blog’s promotion process significantly. You can choose any good advertising platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.

12. Creating A Community

Communities are a great way to interact with others and convey your thoughts at the same time. But if you are a blogger then starting your community or joining other popular communities can help you in many ways.

By creating a community and having a proper gathering with others will help you improve your knowledge and discuss any problems. You can talk with your audience directly to figure out the solutions for their problems and while doing this you can also promote your blog!

13. Using Other Social Media Platforms

If you are not using all the resources available for free then you are possibly missing out on precious readers for your blog. Unlike others, if you are still stuck with Facebook and Instagram then you need to improve your audience reach.

You can do so by using every social media platform that is available in the market. For example, you can start using Telegram and build your channel to spread useful info, or you can use other platforms like tumbler and mix to promote your blog.

14. LinkedIn

There are many professionals who understand the importance of  “Linkedin“. Linkedin is a very popular platform among youngsters and adults too. If you have searched for any term in the search engine you may have noticed that there are many pages which rank with Linkedin.

Being a high authority website Linkedin can give your blog an SEO boost. But for using Linkedin you will have to create a profile first, simply visit their site and signup for an account.

15. With Proper SEO

SEO ( search engine optimization ) the most important factor for ranking new blogs and sites. If you are aware of doing proper SEO then use it to improve your blog’s rankings. And if you don’t have the slightest idea of what SEO is then we would suggest you learn it ASAP!

If you wish to see your blog in the top 10 positions of any search engines then learning proper SEO is very important. You can use the internet to learn how to improve your blog’s overall SEO with on-page and off-page methods easily.

16. Use Automated Email Services

If you have started collecting emails from your readers then using automated email services can save you a lot of time while being affordable for your budget. Instead of sending emails to everyone personally you can leave this work to email service providers.

There are many automated email service providers in today’s internet world. But we would recommend you to go for Aweber, Convertkit or SendinBlue. All of them are the best in their field you can choose any of them. With faster email sending daily to your readers you can use this method to promote your blog.

17. Include Easy Sharing Options In Your Post

“Sharing is caring” well it is said to be true but, most people avoid sharing any random post with their friends and family members. But if you are providing valuable content to your readers daily and still not getting enough shares for your fabulous work then you need to upgrade your sharing options.

social sharing for blog promotion

Analyze the sharing button placement on your blog posts and other pages that are performing well. If they are not visible or not attractive enough nobody will spare their few seconds to share your content with others. So try to replace them with more attractive and easy to use buttons to improve your sharing rate.

18. Posting On Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most used social media platforms where millions of peoples share pictures every day with each other. You can optimize this amazing platform to promote your blog posts and content with others.

posting on pinterest

Sign up for a new account and start joining niche related boards to increase your followers and exposure to the audience. Don’t forget to post useful infographics and images with links to your blog posts so people can visit it when necessary.

19. Smart Internal Linking

Many people don’t pay attention to proper internal linking and expect to rank in the top positions on SERPs. Well, internal linking is a very important factor for your blog’s overall SEO that decides the quality and trustworthiness of your content.

Crawlers from popular search engines like google and bing analyze the internal linking pattern carefully to decide whether you have enough internal linking in your articles or not. It would be better for you to start internal linking with related articles of your own.

20. Using Quora

Talking about Quora which is one of the most popular discussion platforms worldwide, will benefit your blog in many ways if you use it wisely. But one wrong step can get you blocked out of the platform. So be careful when using this method.

People come to Quora looking for answers to their problems and if you are able to help them out you can get free traffic and readers for your blog easily! But finding the questions that are related to your niche can be difficult. Once you have found such a question you should do your best to explain it in detail and mention one of your blog posts to promote it to such a large audience.

21. Social Media Buttons Placement

As we have discussed before if your blog lacks the proper sharing buttons the number of shares will get reduced automatically. But if you have decent social media buttons bundled with your theme or template and still not getting enough shares for your articles then improper placement might be causing the problem.

button placement for promoting your blog

According to a recent study if your social media sharing buttons are not placed at a specific location then most people will avoid sharing your content. If the button placement on your blog is not performing well then you should upgrade it immediately.

22. Profile Linking To Your Blog

Creating a profile on several platforms can be a great way to drive additional traffic to your blog and promote it for free. With profile linking, you can build many backlinks for your blog at the same time but make sure to avoid spamming your blog’s link everywhere.

Look for the quality platforms with higher domain authority and lower spam score, otherwise using profile linking for promoting your blog can affect it in a negative way. There are tons of places where you can create a profile for free and still receive the benefits of social bookmarking your blog.

23. Using Click To Tweet Service

If you have started using Twitter for promoting your blog then you would be familiar with the potential of having a huge following on Twitter. Don’t worry if you have just started out on Twitter as you can use some plugins that can help you increase the engagement rate and promote your blog along with it.

click to tweet

Click to tweet is a very useful plugin that is used by millions of WordPress site owners. It is a simple service that allows your readers to tweet a specific line or quote directly from your article. You can install it from the plugins section in the WordPress library.

24. Asking Your Friends For More Shares

Having some nasty friends is very important in life, As you can always ask your friends for promoting your new blog or any other startups you want to be successful in. If you have such friends offline or online then ask them to share your articles with others and with the people who are looking for such useful information.

In return, you can do the same for your friends if they also own a blog or website you can promote theirs with your other friends. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough friends because there are many other ways to promote your blog!

25. Analyze Others To Use Their Promoting Strategy

The majority of professional bloggers think of a proper strategy before taking action to promote their content in front of others. While most of them prefer to keep it secret from others you can use SEM tools to analyze their strategy and other important factors behind their success.

If you are lucky enough you will easily figure out the strategy they use to promote their new content in the market. But if you find it difficult then it’s best to come up with your own strategy by learning from other bloggers on YouTube and other platforms.

It’s obvious that a new blog promotion strategy will take some time to show some results but once you have managed to understand how things work you can use the same process for your other blogs and websites as well.

26. Using Images With Call To Action

If you are not using enough images for your articles then you are probably missing many benefits. Because images play an important role when it comes to increasing the rankings and social shares for your blog posts.

using call to action to promote blog

So using quality images that are relevant to your article is considered to help your blog in many ways. But using the images without any type of call to action may decrease the number of social shares your article normally gets.

Using proper call to action is very necessary if you want the readers to share your amazing content with their friends and family members make sure to include an interesting call to action in the main image of your article.

27. Creating Facebook Pages & Groups

As we have discussed earlier, Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms that can be used to promote any type of blog either its beauty or travel. However you may get banned if you start spamming your link everywhere, so instead of getting blacklisted by Facebook, we would recommend you to optimize the service of Facebook pages and groups.

If you have ever searched about something on Facebook then it will display you a complete list of results including the number of pages and groups that are published around your search term. People love to join such groups and interact with others on pages. You can create your page and group related to your blog niche for sharing useful content and promoting it at the same time.

28. Posting Useful Tips On Your Social Media Handles

Every blogger knows the importance of social media platforms. As you already know that social media platforms are very useful for receiving free quality traffic to your blog. Keeping your regular followers up to date with the latest trends can be very effective.

You can share the best tips and hacks which can help your audience in any way possible. In this way, you can reach more and more people who are interested in your content because if people find your tips helpful, they won’t hesitate to share it with others. So sharing some useful information regularly on your social media handles can be very useful when it comes to promoting your blog.

29. Distributing Free E-books With Your BLog’s Link

E-books or electronic books are very popular among the new generation. Because nobody wants to carry the books physically, everyone wants it to be in their pocket! So creating informative e-books around your niche will take some time but you can include your knowledge regarding various topics within the e-book.

But how these e-books will help you to promote your blog? it’s very simple when you finish creating your e-book check for the terms related to your blog posts. Now simply add a link to your articles, where possible so the reader can directly visit the particular page. And get any additional information he/she requires.

30. Hiring Instagram Influencers For More Audience

If you are receiving a good amount of traffic from Instagram already. Then why not use this amazing source of quality traffic to promote your new blog to everyone. But for any reason, if you are having difficulties in growing your Instagram page then we would recommend hiring Instagram influencers.

Of course, you will have to pay them for the service you get, but the work will be faster compared to the normal way, as your Instagram handle starts growing quickly. The number of visitors who are interested in your content will get increased automatically.

31. Providing Curated Content For Subscribers

If you have already started collecting the emails from your subscribers then it can be very useful for your blog. Because your subscribers are one of the most important assets for your success. So why not put in some work for them to easily go through the content they want.

Because in most cases whenever a very long piece of content is published, there might be some people who are busy with other tasks. So they would prefer to get the curated content directly, allowing them to go through everything without wasting extra time. After you have created curated content around important topics you can allow access to it for the readers who have subscribed to your blog.

32. Linking Back To Similar Articles At The End

Promoting new blogs is not as easy as it seems. As you will have to do hard work in the starting but the results will be for the long-term. Linking back to similar articles at the end of your blogpost is one of the most common ways to exchange some quality traffic with other similar blogs.

linking in blog

If you have never done something like that then don’t worry. Simply analyze your whole article and look for some specific keywords in the bottom part. Afterward, you can find some similar blogs that have published content around the same keywords. Simply provide a link to their article and mention them to exchange traffic easily.

33. Reposting Your Best Performing Content

If you have already published more than 50 articles on your blog then, try to analyze all of them to find out which blog posts are performing well and receiving a good amount of traffic. Because if you figure out what type of content is more popular for your audience then reposting some of your best articles can help you a lot.

Whereas, reposting your best-performing articles will require some time. You can update your information related to the different points you have included in your awesome piece of content. Talking about your readers they will be more than excited to read the complete updated article once you publish it. Resulting in more traffic for your blog.

34. Growing Your Email List

Newsletter service can be very useful for the readers and blog owners both. If you have still not provided the newsletter sign up form in your blog then add it quickly. Because you are missing out on a lot of benefits. By collecting the emails of your readers you can contact them directly.

But it won’t be much use if you only have a few subscribers on the list. So growing your email list is very important for promoting a new blog and receiving quality targeted traffic. You can use giveaways or freebies to encourage your audience and increase the number of subscribers you have on the email list.

35. Using Image Sharing Buttons

Sharing your blogposts everywhere isn’t the only way to promote a new blog. Because if you have used sufficient images in your articles then the audience may get attracted to them. Encouraging them to share the quality images with their friends. So setting up easy to use image sharing options can be very useful.

As you already know how lazy people are nowadays. if you don’t provide an easy way to share these amazing images with everyone you may end up getting fewer shares. But if you use plugins for adding quality image sharing buttons on your blog then people will automatically promote your blog via sharing the images.

36. Asking for Sharing Your Content

Asking for a few shares won’t lower your respect. Because if you are working really hard to create quality content around different topics that are worth sharing. People would love to spread useful information with everyone.

Once you start getting natural shares from new people, the growth rate for your blog will increase automatically. So the blog promotion is done automatically when you create a wonderful blog post with enough content and hard work.

37. Give A Proper Thanks to Your Readers For Sharing the Content

After you have realized the power of sharing, you may have already started seeing the results. It will increase your overall traffic your blog receives normally. As more and more people get to know about your blog and the quality content you are providing it’s very obvious.

So it’s time to say a proper thanks to your loyal readers who have been with you and supporting your blog by sharing the useful blog posts you provide to them. You can either mail them separately to say thanks with a  simple thank you message. Or you can perform giveaways to keep them happy at the same time.

38. Powerful Introduction Paragraph Usage

The first paragraph of your blogpost plays an important role in creating a special bond between you and your readers. If you have ever noticed the blog posts from other successful bloggers, the first few lines will seem like a normal conversation between two friends.

But why? it should be more professional right? well not every time,  because people get tired of reading the same information again and again. So instead of getting to the point directly, try to connect with your audience in the first paragraph of your article. In this way, the bounce rate of your blog will stay low, at the same time if you succeed in creating a connection with new readers then the chances of them becoming a returning visitor will be high.

39. Including Numbers in Headlines for More Shares

Whenever we search for something on the internet, seeing numbers in headlines is very common nowadays. But why everyone is using numbers in their headlines? well, if you look closely the headline of this article also includes a number (50+). The main purpose of adding numbers in the headline section is to create a stronger impression.

using headlines with numbers to increase blogging

By showing that the information they have provided is not any ordinary content, the numbers indicate facts or solid points within the content. So people are more likely to visit an article that looks more promising compared to others. For using this simple trick try to create your headlines in a way that you can easily include numbers within it.

40. Publishing Your Articles at A Fixed Time Frame

Timing matters a lot when it comes to professional blogging. Because if you have come across some professional blogs within the same niche as yours. You may have noticed that most of the bloggers will be publishing the content at a fixed time frame. But why?

It’s not like everyone has the same time zone, but if you decide on a proper schedule to publish new content on your blog. It can help you in many ways, The first benefit will be related to search engines, as you start publishing regularly the indexing and ranking process will be much faster. Another benefit is that your readers will have a proper idea about when you will be posting your next article.

41. Go Live on YouTube Or Have A Group Discussion

If you have already created a youtube channel and have started working on it. Then going live and interacting with your audience in real-time can be a very useful tactic for blog promotion. Unless you are not much experienced in doing live discussions you can take your time to master such skills.

However, you don’t have to be professional in conducting live meetings or gatherings on YouTube. Try to be as friendly as possible when having group discussions with your readers or followers. Because once your audience gets to know about you more then they will get to know more about you. Resulting in more traffic for your blog.

42. Neat and Clean Theme Usage

Themes play an important role when it comes to attracting more readers to your blog. So we would recommend you to go for a neat and clean theme. There are lots of free and paid themes available in the market that can be used to promote your blog for free or paid whichever you prefer.

Because when someone visits your blog for the first time your blog should have a user-friendly interface. That is easy to use and navigate at the same time. You can use the default theme provided by WordPress or you can use custom themes also. We would recommend you to check out this article for finding the best theme for your blog.

43. Link To Your Best Posts From Other Posts

Internal linking and backlink building are one of the most important factors for making a blog successful. But how it can be useful for promoting a blog? well, it depends because if you do internal linking properly. For example, if you already know that some of your blog posts are performing well compared to others.

You can link back to those articles using similar articles in order to give more exposure to the articles that are already performing well in the competition. As more and more people start visiting your blog for quality content the amount of traffic will get increased automatically.

44.Try To Focus On Specific Keywords Per Article

Keyword targeting and research are very important to outrank your competitors and be in the top 10 positions of SERPs. As you will have to use a keyword research tool for doing it properly, it won’t be that difficult for anyone. But finding out low competition keywords is not the only thing you have to do, to attract more visitors.

Your main motive should be to target specific keywords that are related to your niche. In this way, you can narrow down the competition easily. Allowing your blog to receive more organic traffic directly. So focusing on specific keywords per article can be a wise choice if you want to promote your blog quickly.

45. Use More Quotes and Effective Sentences Throughout the Article

Most of the professional bloggers and site owners prefer to use quotes and effective short sentences throughout their article. According to recent research quotes and sentences that tend to connect mentally with the readers are more effective for creating a social bond between you and the audience.

So why not find some interesting quotes and lines related to your content. After you have come up with a bunch of quality quotes you can start including them within your articles. But make sure they get along well with the type of article you have published. Unless it won’t be much effective if it doesn’t get attached to the article. People love to share such quotes on social media platforms so you can imagine the potential of this method when multiple readers share them.

46. Write Quality Guest Posts

Guest posting is a common method for getting quality backlinks from high-quality blogs in the same niche as yours. If you have never published any guest posts on other blogs before, you will be surprised to see how much beneficial guest posts can be for any blog. Don’t worry if you are doing it for the first time, as it’s more like creating content for your blog.

In this case, you will create a quality article for someone else who can use that article to bring in more visitors. For the hard work you have done creating the content, you can ask for Dofollow backlinks from the blog owner. So whenever someone visits their blog to read your article, most of the readers will visit your blog for more information related to the topic.

47. Asking Partners and Affiliates to Share the Content

Once you start receiving enough organic and social traffic from different sources the doors to promote a new blog will get opened automatically. As you get in touch with more partners and affiliate marketers you can easily ask them to share your quality content whenever possible.

As they have been in the industry for a long time you can imagine the type of targeted audience you will be able to approach. If you are successful in getting content promotion from one or two partners or affiliate marketers then it will help you a lot for growing your overall traffic and visitor count.

48. Using Social Bookmarking Sites to Get More Engagement

Using social bookmarking sites for blog promotions may sound a little old fashioned. But if done correctly you can actually see the results very quickly, compared to other methods available on the list. The main motive for using social bookmarking sites is to get more and more engagement to the fullest.

You can try various social bookmarking sites and find out which one works the best for you. As you can always change your promotion tactics we would suggest you go for multiple methods at once. In this way, your chances of getting more exposure to new readers will get increased automatically.

49. Unique and Trending Hashtags Usage

Hashtags play an important role when it comes to category ranking and SERPs positioning. If you have ever noticed that when you search something that includes only one or two focus keywords, search engines prefer to choose the sites with related hashtags in the first positions. So it will be a wise choice to find trending and powerful hashtags that are related to your blog/content type.


But how you can find such hashtags easily? well you can use tools like hashtags generator that will show you a complete list of related hashtags that have enough potential. Try analyzing all of them if possible because you can not use all of them. Otherwise, you may get in trouble, instead use two or three of them only.

50. Using the Power of Comparision

People just love to read reviews and comparison posts before actually buying some product or service they are interested in. So why not find some products or services within your niche that are already competing with each other. Because in this way it will be easier for you to compare two different types of products/services for your audience.

comparison post

Creating more attractive and engaging posts related to comparison, including the pros and cons of a particular product will add some spice to your content. As people can compare both sides easily using the pros and cons you have described. Comparison posts tend to perform better in terms of attracting more readers and promoting your blog, compared to the simpler ones.

Another benefit of publishing comparison posts is that you can include your affiliate links within the article. It doesn’t matter which product the reader buys it’s their choice after all. But make sure to never promote or compare products that you have not used personally. Because if your readers buy the product after reading your article and find it disappointing after using it for some time then it will affect your blog for sure.

51. Repeat Everything to Analyze the Results

The list of methods for promoting your blog is pretty long, right? Because you never know which method is going to work for your particular blog. As everyone has a different niche and type of content they provide the results may differ when they try the same method as you.

So it would be best to try every method once in a while to find out which one is the best working for your blog. And once you find that some of them are working perfectly for your blog just repeat everything to analyze the final results whether it’s really working or not. Because performing the same tactics again and again without any results won’t get you anywhere.


Promoting your new blog on the market can be quite difficult at the start. But once you get a hold of this process you will be able to use these methods as many times as you want. So keep writing error-free and meaningful content and share your knowledge with others.

If you found any useful information in the article then make sure to share it with your friends and others. Don’t forget to mention your favorite method to promote your new blog in the comments section below.

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