Siteground vs Cloudways : Which Hosting is Better?

Cloudways or SiteGround, Which host is better? Everything upon your needs. But there are some points where one of these hosts is better regardless of what type of site you have. There’s regularly a major distinction, between what a host claims and what clients experience. This review should help you to choose a suitable plan for your needs.

siteground vs cloudways hosting comparison

In this SiteGround and Cloudways comparison, I’ve put down some factors to assist you to choose the best hosting for your needs. I’ll dive into further details later, along with the pros & cons.

Difference Between SiteGround And Cloudways Hosting

  1. Cloudways only offers cloud hosting but if you are looking for the most affordable hosting option, SiteGround is cheaper with one of the best quality shared hosting plans in the industry.
  2. If you have a high volume of visitors or you are simply looking for excellent speeds & performance for hosting WordPress – then Cloudways offers a cost-effective turn-key solution that is cheaper and more simple.
  3. If you have a highly demanding website infrastructure looking for high-end cloud hosting that has it all; SiteGround wins as the most feature-rich solution.

Pricing Compare Between SiteGround And Cloudways Hosting

Getting started with a new hosting provider shouldn’t be an easy process. Cloudways understands this, allowing you to sign up for a three-day free trial without having to enter your credit card details. Activate Your Trial Now.

As a Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider, Cloudways works on a pay-as-you-go basis. When you sign up, you get to choose the size of your cloud server as well as the type of cloud server. There are five cloud server options available, including DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Vultr and Linode.

As you adjust the size and type of server, you’ll be shown the approximate monthly price for your service. The prices shown on the Cloudways pricing page are based on the smallest server on the DigitalOcean cloud server, so your hosting could end up costing more than the pricing page suggests it will.

SiteGround’s pricing is fairly transparent. Unlike many other hosts, the quoted monthly price is not dependent on you signing up for two or three years. Instead, you will simply have to pay, upfront, for 12 months of hosting -and the price you pay is simply 12x the quoted monthly price. There are no hidden charges.

There are no hidden charges with SiteGround and you know exactly what you’re going to be paying each month. While Cloudways’ pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Cloudways and SiteGround Hosting Setup Comparison

Concerning dealing with your server with Cloudways, you need to have enough technical knowledge to understand how changing the settings, or will influence your site. So Cloudways provides a fundamental information base article to help with this.

In comparison, SiteGround offers an arrangement wizard, which makes getting started simply, there’s likewise a complete tutorial in the help section.

At the point when you join with SiteGround, you have the choice of either purchasing a new domain or using an existing domain. If you choose to buy a new domain through SiteGround, all the essential process will be dealt with for you.

Since SiteGround utilizes the famous cPanel, to enable you to deal with your facilitating space, it’s simpler to find the settings and features that you need. Cloudways has its control panel, which is more mind-boggling to explore.

In case you’re inexperienced with cPanel, SiteGround has an instructional exercise that gives all of you the data you have to effectively manage your webspace.

You need less technical knowledge for setting up your hosting space with SiteGround compared to Cloudways.

Security in SiteGround and Cloudways

In SiteGround, security is dealt with to guarantee that your site isn’t affected by spam, hacking or information loss. You get back up day by day which is stored securely for 30 days so you can get your website data back. The Easy Restore tool helps you to get your site back.

Against hacking frameworks are consistently updated with new rules so vulnerabilities are promptly fixed to keep your site information secure. What’s more, custom security patches are likewise executed by the improvement group as a proactive way to deal with security. SiteGround utilizes a custom web application firewall (WAF) and a computerized reasoning enemy of bot framework that squares security dangers before they arrive at your site.

Cloudways uses OS-level firewalls to filter out malicious attacks and also provides security patching on the operating system of your server to avoid vulnerabilities.

You can design programmed reinforcements for your server and applications with Cloudways, yet reinforcements are not free – the more now and again your server is supported up, the higher your reinforcement costs will be. Cloudways charges per GB of reinforcement stockpiling and your reinforcements will be held for a limit of 28 days.

While this is probably the nearest round in this correlation of SiteGround versus Cloudways, SiteGround still figures out how to prove to be the best. Security alternatives with both SiteGround and Cloudways are comparable, yet SiteGround’s free programmed day by day reinforcements give you significantly more genuine feelings of serenity.

Cloudways and Siteground Customer Support

Cloudways gives you 24/7 expert support. But clients report that customer support is not good and is often slow to respond. There’s limited telephone support, which is only available via a call-back request.

SiteGround’s client assistance is excellent, depicted as truly outstanding in the business. There’s a day in and day out help using the telephone, live talk, and ticket-based email. Response times are fast on the live talk, and even with email support. You can normally get a response inside 10 minutes.

With some of the best customer service in the hosting industry, SiteGround is difficult to beat.

Final Thoughts on Siteground and Cloudways

SiteGround is on the top. In every round of competition between SiteGround And Cloudways. Although Cloudways seems to offer great hosting. It’s poor customer service, issues with dependability and backup fees make it the second rate alternative.

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