Is TailWind Worth Using For Your Online Business? Complete Review!

Managing multiple social media platforms altogether can be quite difficult for most bloggers and online business owners. So finding a powerful social media scheduling and management tool is a good idea to prevent extra workload.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram require a lot of hard work and planning to grow your fan following and generate decent results. If you are also one of those people who acknowledge the power of social media platforms then choosing the right scheduler tool is very important.

As there are lots of social media management and scheduling tools available in the market. Picking up the tools that are not trustworthy is a very common mistake most marketers make. In this article, I am going to review a similar popular tool known as that can be useful for growing your business quickly. Let’s begin!

TailWind Social Media Scheduler And Managing Tool Review! is a very powerful and easy to use social media manager and scheduler tool that allows you to schedule your posts for the next week in only 20 minutes of work. Interesting right? Because spending 20 minutes once a week and spending 20 minutes per day makes a huge difference for busy people.

No doubt, you will be amazed to find out the type of features and benefits you will receive for using TailWind. The service provided by TailWind is trusted by many popular companies and firms throughout the industry itself. So you don’t have to worry about the quality of the service and customer support for sure!

TailWind mainly focuses on providing the best Instagram and Pinterest services in the industry. Instagram and Pinterest are more popular platforms when it comes to marketing something. So if you want your Instagram and Pinterest accounts to grow instantly let’s check out the features of TailWind.

Features For Instagram

  • Easy Photos And Videos Scheduling
  • Powerful Hashtag Suggestions In a Single Click
  • Automatically Decide The Best Time For Posting
  • Service Auto-Updates The LInks In Bio
  • Free Landing Page Creator
  • Profile Performance, Post-Inspector, and Detailed Metrics
  • Caption Formatting

As you can already see the number of features that are distributed evenly for both platforms. TailWind aims to provide the best possible services and help every blogger and digital marketing person in the industry who evaluate the social media platform to improve their growth and build a brand name in the market.

Normally growing an Instagram account to a decent number of 10k followers can take up to 3-4 months. That is based on your content strategy and content that drives more followers and help your account to increase them over time. Here is my blog post on how to make money on Instagram.

But you can achieve the same followers in less time compared to normal account growth. If you go for TailWind, using tools like a smart scheduler with in-depth insights into your content performance along with audience interests makes it very easy to gain more followers.

Features For Pinterest

  • Batch Pinning The Best Content
  • Get in Touch With Similar Creators At TailWind
  • Easy To Use Browser Extension
  • Personalized Scheduling Of Your Posts
  • Single Click Board Lists & Intervals
  • Easily Discover Relevant Content
  • Reshare Seasonal Content
  • Pin Inspector
  • Top Pin Reports

Now talking about the features and functionalities you will be able to use for growing your Pinterest account. Most of them are similar to Instagram tools. Still, features like personalized scheduling and seasonal content resharing with one click are some of the new features you might like to use.

Growing a new Pinterest account requires a lot of content research and creation that can attract more people who are looking for such content. Pinterest is an image sharing platform where many individuals share useful images every day. With such quality content Pinterest can help you hit free 10k quality traffic every month.

So you can use this targeted social media traffic for your advantage however you need to do a lot of pinning and join several niche-related boards to achieve such a goal. But if you choose tailwind for helping you out with such tasks you will find it easier to finish your content strategy.

The only thing you need to worry about is finding related topics that can help you create fresh content for your boards and profile. Well, TailWind can help you with that too, because you can discover relevant content with a single click. You can also connect with similar creators on the TailWind community who can help you come up with new ideas!


If you are not yet satisfied after discovering all the amazing features offered by TailWind. Then I would suggest you use the trial plan first. Before subscribing to any of their plans you can check out the quality of their service by going for a free plan. ( no credit card required )

After you complete analyzing the service you can invest in either a monthly or annual plan whichever you prefer. If you choose to pay on an annual basis you can save up to $60. So the cost will be approx $9.99/month. Don’t worry if you are tight on budget as you can also pay monthly with a pricing of $14.99/month.

No other plans are provided, So it doesn’t matter whether you choose to pay yearly or monthly, your features and functionalities will be the same in both conditions. They also provide extra services known as power-ups that can help you grow your account much faster.

One of them is a smart loop that allows you to add your best pins into the smart loop system. After you successfully add the pins they will keep re-circulating those pins for an indefinite amount of time. But you will have to pay $7.99/month per account in order to acquire this service.


Using the proper social media scheduler and manager tool is very important. Because once you grant access to your accounts there are chances that your account may be at risk if you have chosen a poor service provider. TailWind is one of those powerful tools that will boost your following and account growth at the same time. ( make sure to visit their official site for more info )

Do share this content if you found it helpful for you, and don’t forget to mention any queries or suggestions you have in the comments section below.

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