6+ Silly Mistakes To Avoid As A Newbie Blogger

If you have started a new blog recently, then you may already know that starting and making a new blog successful isn’t easy. Without proper dedication, efforts, and fundamental knowledge of making a blog successful.

Silly Mistakes To Avoid As A Newbie Blogger

Therefore, It’s obvious that people who are completely new to this industry make many mistakes during the process of learning. Yet if you follow the basics, growing your new blog will be much easier.

Which Mistakes You Should Avoid As A Beginner Blogger?

Making mistakes isn’t something to be dwelling on, because without enough experience you won’t stand a chance competing with others. And the best way to gain enough experience is by trying new things frequently. Thankfully, here we have discussed the most common mistakes newbie bloggers do. And how you can avoid them in the future for making your blogging hassle-free!

1. Selecting The Wrong Theme

Deciding on the overall appearance of your new blog is very important. Because when someone visits your blog for the first time, a clean and easy-to-navigate layout is what they expect.

However, there are many bloggers who fail to find the best available theme for their blog. Instead, you should consider your blog type to choose the perfect theme, fulfilling all of your requirements. But how you can define an ideal theme for any blog?

Well, it depends on what type of niche you have chosen, and how you want your content to be represented in front of others. Thankfully there are many themes available that can be customized in any way you want! with extra features bundled together, themes like Divi and Genesis are quite popular around the market.

2. Using Free Domain Name

The majority of the newbie bloggers use the free domain name services, to save on their expenses. Unfortunately, using such services can cause trouble if you want to succeed as a professional blogger. As using a free domain name can prevent you from monetizing or ranking your blog higher in the SERPs, we recommend using a custom domain name.

No doubt you will need to pay a fee for using the custom domain name. But you do not need to worry even if it’s not a top-level domain, because you have so many options at your disposal. Using a TLD such as “.COM” will cost you more comparatively, but you can choose other TLDs as well that are affordable.

3. Choosing Low-Quality Hosting Service

If you are using a CMS (content management system) like WordPress, then selecting the right hosting service is mandatory. Yet it’s obvious that new bloggers get easily distracted by the flashy offers and discounts from low-quality hosting providers.

Being an essential element for making your blog successful going for a value for money hosting service is very important. You can choose from tons of quality hosting services available in the market.

Though features and pricing may vary from company to company, you have to find something that meets your requirements. Go through this detailed comparison, of Cloudways VS Wp Engine Both of them are top-quality hosting providers, so you won’t get disappointed choosing either of them.

4. Not Posting Consistently

Consistency is the key, and especially when it comes to blogging if you are serious about growing your blog quickly. Then posting quality content consistently will keep you one step ahead of your competitors. To do that you can create an effective content strategy before getting into publishing.

Once you start getting enough momentum by publishing relevant posts, driving more targeted traffic, and increasing the engagement rate will be easier for you. As your readers will be well aware of the time you normally publish a new article on your blog. The majority of them may be visiting your blog frequently looking for new quality content now and then.

5. Spamming Your Blog Everywhere

No doubt link building is a critical factor, but many novice bloggers get the wrong idea about link building and start spamming their site’s URL everywhere!

Performing such activities can even result in receiving penalties from Google, lowering your SERP rankings significantly. Always keep in mind, when it comes to link building choose quality over quantity.

So instead of just spamming your site’s URL everywhere on the internet, approach authoritative relevant bloggers. And start quality link building either by exchanging or guest posting whichever works for you.

6. Not Optimizing Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are the leading source of organic + referral traffic for new blogs. And the newbie bloggers get so busy with creating content that they forget about blog promotions quite often.

Not optimizing the available platforms to make your blog reach more people is also a common mistake. Because if you are not making enough efforts to get people attracted to your blog, you may be missing some precious readers for sure.

So instead of solely focusing on publishing more content, we recommend you use almost every possible social media platform for promoting your new blog.

7. Copying Others

There are people who suggest that copying other bloggers can help you a lot to grow quickly in less time. It may be true but it’s not completely true as you should never copy someone’s work. Because in the end you will get outranked by them when it comes to building trust and engaging your audience.

No doubt copying some portion of their blogging journey can help you a lot in improving your presence as a successful blogger. Tactics such as content strategy and SEO techniques are easy to find when you properly analyze a blog. You can use them for increasing your success rate if you found them related.

8. Avoiding Communication With Your Readers

As a completely new blog in the market creating a strong bond with your readers can keep you ahead of your schedule and expectations. But how? going through the articles you have published so far you should be able to find some readers having problems with a certain topic.

If you have allowed them to share their thoughts via comments then, take your time to read all of them and help anyone who is facing issues. Another great way to communicate with your audience is by providing a way to contact you directly. Using a contact us form or feedback form will do the work!

Wrapping Up

Making mistakes is part of the learning process no matter which profession you choose. These mistakes are common and easy to fix, but you should avoid repeating them to improve your blogging skills.

So make sure to deliver an improved version of your work next time you publish something. Share this article with other newbie bloggers, and don’t forget to mention any queries or suggestions in the comments section below.

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