20+ Innovative Beauty Blog Post Ideas for Beauty Bloggers in 2021

Running a successful beauty blog is not that easy. Without planning your content you can not expect to increase the amount of traffic and unique visitors on your beauty blog. So for providing meaningful information every day through your beauty blog is mandatory for keeping your audience engaged with your content. And to do this you should come with unique beauty blog ideas every time.

20+ Innovative Beauty Blog Post Ideas for Beauty Bloggers in 2021

But finding new and innovative beauty blog post ideas for your blog on a daily basis is a difficult task for any blogger. Hence, you need some beauty blogging ideas to keep yourself motivated for posting new and useful information on your beauty blog daily.

In this article, I am going to talk about 20+ new blog post ideas for your beauty blog in 2021. So let’s get started and explore the best ideas for growing your blog easily.

20+ New Beauty Blog Ideas to Create New Posts For Your Very Own Beauty Blog!

For creating new and unique content for your blog you can try any of the following beauty blog ideas and methods. And create unique and useful content every single day easily with your own personal twist within your post.

1. Skin Care Products

Skincare is one of the most important aspects when you are running a beauty blog. Taking good care of your skin is always a necessity for the majority of people. So talking about the best products related to skincare is a good blog post idea for your beauty blog.

2. Nail Care Tips

Nail care is very difficult without the proper usage of good beauty products and treatment. You can easily create useful content around this topic. For example, you can provide tips on nail treatment, how to grow nails quickly, etc.This beauty blog idea will be helpful for nail lovers.

3. Hair Styles

People love different hairstyles currently trending in the fashion industry, you can write about some popular hairstyles and how to implement them. Or you can share your own hairstyling tips and tricks with your readers.

4. Dupe Ideas

Dupes are really popular because they are affordable and provides good results at the same time. You don’t have to buy expensive beauty products to look good. Instead, you can share the trending dupes with your audience to help them save some money too, while looking awesome at the same time!

5. Cheap But High-Quality Beauty Products

Share the best beauty products that are affordable and high-quality at the same time. People are always looking for cheap and quality products that can be used as an alternative for other products, so you can provide a list of decent affordable products within your blog post. This beauty blog idea will help a lot of people especially females.

6. Product Reviews

Beauty lovers can not try every product they want so you can write detailed product reviews for specific products. You can ask your audience through a poll for product ideas on which type of products they want detailed reviews from you.

7. Personal Recommendations

Once you have gained enough people reading your blog daily you can provide the best products that you have used personally. Because your audience will prefer the products that are already used by someone they look forward to.This is a beauty blog idea for which you have no need to think or brainstorm, just share your experience with your audience.

8. Skin Care Tips

After providing the best skin care products you can write more about skincare. You can share the best tips and methods you use for keeping your skin healthy and young all the time. And provide useful content easily.

9. Eye Care Tips

Eyes are one of the most important parts of the human body. People interested in beauty and healthcare are more likely to take good care of their eyes. You can write about how to use make-up for eyes without damaging them.

10. Guide For Applying Make-Up

Many people find it difficult to apply make-up quickly and easily. However, being interested in beauty products doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to use them properly. You can provide step by step guides for applying make-up easily and include some personal tips too.

11. Seasonal Make-Up Ideas

With every new season, new festivals are celebrated with joy and for some specific festivals like Halloween seasonal make-up is required. Apart from Halloween, there are tons of occasions where people love doing seasonal make-up. Share your own best beauty blog ideas and tips with them.

12. Make-Up Trends

You can always talk about the most trending make-up products and services in the market. Because people are already aware of those popular products you can provide your own point of view.

13. Empties List Of Your Favorite Products

Talk about the products you like the most and have used the product till last. So people can choose whether the product is worth using or not. just provide the list of empties you love the most.

14. Price Drop Alerts On Popular Brand

For quality, you have to go for expensive products but not everyone can afford them. So let your audience know whenever a sell is on-going with a huge discount!

15. Recreation Methods For Popular Looks

Teaching people how to do makeup like popular artists is also a good idea. Because when a look becomes viral people always want to try it for themselves.

16. Hair-Care Routine

Share your personal hair-care routine with your readers. So they can implement it easily in order to keep their hair shiny and strong all the time. It can be a daily, weekly or monthly routine. But sometimes we miss them and you can remind your audience with this type of beauty blog idea.

17. DIY Face Masks

Face masks are very popular because of their versatility and quick results, you can write about the most effective and easy to use DIY face masks. Being DIY most of the facemasks will be natural.

18. Expensive But High-Quality Products

Sometimes it’s better to go for high-quality products when you want better results. But the products will be a bit expensive compared to ordinary products, so you can share the best value for money products with your audience.

19. Exclusive Color Combos

Talking about the best possible color combos is also a great way to create new blog posts for your blog. You can share either your own favorite color combos or the trending ones.

20. Sharing Your Own Experience

Try adding your own experience in the blog posts to make them unique. Or you can share some of your tips and real-life experiences about any aspects to create a bonding with your audience.

21. Ideal Wishlist For Every Beauty Lover

Whenever people buy beauty products they get confused between similar brands providing the same products with the same quality. But you can help them by sharing the ideal wishlist of every beauty lover.

22. Beauty Tips For Beginners

No one is a born-expert for anything, that implies to beauty field also. You can help those people who want to look more attractive and improve their lifestyle by using the right products and methods.

23. Best Routines For Every Product

Maintaining a fixed routine is very important for health and wellness. But it’s difficult for some people to decide when to use a specific product during the usual day. Try sharing the best possible routines for different types of products, so people can use them effortlessly.


Beauty blog post ideas are everywhere if you look more effectively, but don’t worry because every blogger faces this problem once in a while. You can use my new+inovative ideas for beauty blog posts to use on your own blog.

If you found this article helpful then please share it with others and don’t forget to mention any suggestions or queries you have.

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