Top 12 Most Successful Beauty Blogging Ideas and Tips in 2020

If you are planning to start a beauty blog or already running a beauty blog, then you may know how hard it is to come up with beauty blog ideas. There are thousands of beauty bloggers online. It has become very hard to stand out yourself from the crowd. There are hundreds of beauty tips available online. But, most of them are irrelevant. Thus, I have curated the best ideas and tips for your beauty blog.

Ideas and Tips for your next Beauty blog post

If you haven’t started your blog yet, here is my complete guide on how to start a beauty blog.

List of Top 12 beauty blog ideas and tips for a smashing beauty niche blog in 2020

In such a competitive world, it is important to build an inspiring blog. Otherwise, people won’t visit your blog regularly. Here is my list of ideas to generate traffic on your blog. In this article, we are going to help you by providing some of the tips which you can use for your beauty related blogs. These beauty blog ideas and tips will take your blog to the next level.

1. Focus on Writing Guides

Most beauty bloggers focus on writing makeup tutorials. Makeup tutorials are great. But, there are tons of makeup tutorials available on the internet. If you are a new blogger, then it is already hard for you to rank your blog. Thus, you must avoid writing too many makeup tutorials on your website.

Instead of writing tutorials, you can focus on writing guides. It is the best method to attract new readers to your blog. Always write unique and original content and try to write a long guide. This will help you in ranking your articles related to beauty blog ideas on Google. You can write on different niche subjects like the best food to stop hair fall. Here is my guide for beauty blog post ideas.

2. Mention Affordable Products in your Tutorial

Most beauty bloggers use very high-quality makeup products. This high-quality makeup may be perfect for them. But, it is not great for the wallet of your readers. People who have a fixed budget also want to try beauty products.

Thus, to promote affiliate products on your blog you should also mention affordable beauty products just not the expensive only. This will help you in winning the trust of your readers. Most beauty bloggers only focus on reviewing expensive products. Thus, you can easily shine by writing a beauty blog posts on affordable and low-cost products.

3. Upgrade your website design

Every reader is going to see your website design before reading your content. Thus, it is important to leave a lasting impression on your reader. If your website has an outdated look, then you will lose the interest of your readers.

Thus, you must invest some money in buying paid themes. There are thousands of beauty blog themes available on the internet. You should buy a theme that suits your blog style.

Many people also use free domain names. It is difficult to rank such domains on Google. Thus, you must buy a .com domain from any provider like BlueHost. This will help you in making a recognizable brand.

4. Using E-mail Marketing

Whether it’s a beauty blog, food or traveling blog using E-mail marketing is always beneficial for any type of blog. If you are not familiar with e-mail marketing then basically you will collect e-mail addresses from your readers. Read here about Email MarketingI suggest you go for Convertkit it is the best in email marketing tool.

Afterward, you can use these email addresses to directly contact your audience and provide any useful information or product promotions you want. But make sure to avoid spamming ads in their inboxes. Eventually, they will unsubscribe from your email list if you do so.

5. Make Video Tutorials for Your Blog

Youtube is the best platform to build your audience. Most beauty bloggers have their own Youtube channel. You can create makeup video tutorials for your followers and viewers. Make sure that these video tutorials are easy to follow. You can also embed these videos on your blog. This will also help you in creating multiple sources. This is one of the most popular beauty blogging ideas.

6. Use a Faster Theme

When you are starting out in the field of blogging you may not understand the importance of fast loading and easy to navigate theme. However, it’s considered as one of the most important factors for making your site’s SEO more perfect.

You can use Extra theme which comes with lots of different features and really fast loading speed. Even if you have high-quality images on your beauty blog the extra theme will customize your blog according to the best possible solution to make your site load faster then ever.

7. Connect with Your Audience

The next most important aspect of beauty blog ideas is to connect with your audience. You must have a connection with your audience. Hence, you should always try to be yourself. Don’t try to imitate any other famous beauty blogger.

You should also read and reply to your reader’s comments. This will help you in creating a relationship with your readers. Try to use your blog for answering your reader’s struggles. If your reader wants to know something, then you must try to write a blog on that topic. This will also help you in coming up with new blog posts.

8. Skin Problem Solutions Attract Readers

Most people are suffering from skin problems. They want to know how to solve their skin problems. Thus, you must write articles about common skin problems. This will help you in attracting even reluctant readers.

Skincare is a very active niche and one of the best ideas from beauty blog ideas. You can attract thousands of new readers by writing about skincare. Try to provide unique solutions to your readers. You can write an extensive guide on skin problems and how to solve them. Spend your time in finding solutions for skin problems. After that, write a perfect guide on how to solve such problems.

9. Guest Posts are Still Relevant

The easiest way to grow your blog is by accepting guest posts from other bloggers. It is always difficult to come up with unique ideas. Thus, you can always let other people write for your blog.

But, don’t ask guest bloggers to write about their expertise only. Ask them to share personal techniques with your readers. This will help you in winning the trust of readers. You can also ask guest bloggers to share their guest post with their readers.

10. Hire Freelance Beauty Experts

If your blog is small, then you can hire freelancers to get more beauty blogging ideas. This investment will save a lot of your time. Instead of writing articles, you can focus on promoting your blog. It is hard to write good articles. Thus, hiring freelancers is always a good investment. You can use Upwork to hire freelancers.

11. Inspire your Audience by Featuring Beauty Transformations

Everyone loves reading transformation stories. These transformation stories can inspire your audience to follow your beauty blog. You don’t need to write your own transformation story. Be creative and find people who are willing to share their stories. You can write about their transformation journey on your beauty blog. This will help you in winning the trust of your readers.

12. Don’t Focus on Offering Beauty Tips Only

Before starting a beauty related blog you should choose the perfect niche. The beauty world is already heavily saturated. There are thousands of beauty blogs on the internet. Thus, it is important to focus on a specific niche only. Most beauty bloggers only focus on offering beauty tips only. To rank on google and increase search engine traffic you should try something different.

It is important to select a specific niche first. For example, you can launch a blog on Japanese or Korean beauty. Millions of peoples are following the Korean beauty trend. Thus, you can create a strong following by writing on this niche.

Once you have found the perfect niche, you should learn about SEO. You can use keyword research tools to find low competition keywords. Thus, you can easily rank your content on the first page of Google. These were all the important beauty blog ideas which you should follow.


The concept of beauty keeps on changing. Thus, beauty bloggers will never run of ideas. But, first, you need to find a perfect niche for you. This will help you in creating a unique identity. Try to create unique and creative content for your blog. This will help you in gaining a loyal audience. You can use the above-mentioned beauty blog tips to attract new readers.

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