Genesis Themes- Why Everyone Love it

Genesis theme framework supports HTML5 and mobile responsive design. Genesis WordPress theme framework offers several Genesis child themes for business, blog magazines, and personal blogs. They are also available for fashion, real state, education, and other blog sites.

Genesis Theme by Studiopress

Genesis makes WordPress websites more secure, extensible, and easy to update. It has built on great SEO standard. Genesis theme framework uses for bigger sites with the customization and used over 300,000 sites. It provides a helpful layer to builds and maintains excellent code for the site.

Genesis is the foundation for WordPress sites and easy to work with and provide accelerated. It helps to improve the level of WordPress sites for developers and the site’s owner.

Benefits of the Genesis Theme Framework

Genesis Give you Responsive Design

Genesis design gives you an array of beautiful frames for your content built on HTML5. It is new code standard makes your site compatible and will ensure you cross-browser compatibility. HTML5 makes your site mobile-friendly and improve the ability of your site to deliver video and audio.

The child themes that give you access to design your site. You can edit child themes to make your site beautiful. You can make the changes in your design without affecting the site. You don’t need a developer or designer to do it. You can change the look of your site every week.

If you decide to pick up the StudioPress Pro with all theme packages, you will get access of all child themes.

Handle the SEO for your Site

You want to put a lot of things into your site and we ensure that your site ranking well in search engine. If that is perfect then readers, clients, and customers can easily find you. To achieve the best ranking, you need clean, optimized code and smart design architecture.

Genesis supports code that allows you to get output microdata in your site’s code. The Genesis framework always handles the basics of SEO for your site like lightweight code for fast performance. This theme has been fully optimized by Greg Boser. With this, your code will always be up to date and fully optimized.

Genesis Help to Extend Site’s Functionality

Whether you want to put any widget to use – forms, sidebars and sharing, etc Genesis makes it easy to customize without messing any code. You can move, change, delete and reconfigure your site and you will get your site exactly you want.

You can choose different sidebar layouts for different posts and pages. You can create a simple sidebar for different parts of your site. Also, you can add custom post types in site. Make a widget area where you can drag and drop your content and make a full homepage.

Customer Support and Unlimited Usage

Once you become a Genesis user, you will get unlimited access to support for an unlimited number of sites.

Each theme includes detailed setup instructions which are easy to get your site up. The StudioPress website hosts a list of useful code snippets and tutorials and external resources to make changes in your site’s structure.

If you have any question then you can post your question in the forum. An experienced member will give the response on your question within 24 hours on a weekday.

Update to New version of WordPress

You can update WordPress without losing customization. Customization happens in child themes. That is like skins which help you to make your site look different. All customization is made to the child themes in the separate child theme files.

When updating the new version of WordPress, only the underlying code is touched, not the theme.

You don’t need to last-minute fixes, avoid updates, and spend hours to clean up. Genesis made it easy.

Genesis Update Your Site Instantly

As you know, many sites are hacked because they have not been updated. Many WordPress users spent hours or days to fix the problem creating by updating. But the current version of WordPress and Genesis updated. So you just need to click on the button and you are done.

If you get multiple sites, you will like the way that the framework works. The child themes design your site exactly the way you want.

Genesis Comes with Layouts

From the theme settings page, you can choose the default theme layout. You can choose the layout for an individual post or page. The following layouts come in Genesis framework:

  • Full-Width Content
  • Content / Sidebar
  • Sidebar / Content
  • Content / Sidebar / Sidebar
  • Sidebar / Sidebar / Content

Developer Friendly Platform

The codes are clean that are used to build the Genesis framework. Child themes make it a developer-friendly platform. Hooks make it possible to insert the custom code into the theme template file.

Trust Factor

Genesis theme framework is produced by StudioPress and their team members are professional developers.

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