How To Make Your WordPress Blog Mobile Friendly?

There are tons of SEO factors you need to consider important as a successful blogger. Because if you want your blog to be successful in 2021. And receive tons of free organic traffic for your blog. Then you will need to learn these basic SEO techniques that every blogger use.

Such as on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and powerful link building on high da pa sites and many more SEO tips are there. That can help your site to grow really fast. Even if you don’t have enough technical knowledge for it.

But in this article, we are going to learn how you can actually make your new WordPress site/blog mobile-friendly. As you already know there are more mobile users in the world compared to pc users. Who browse the internet looking for valuable information every single day.

How To Make Your WordPress Site Mobile-Friendly?

So making your WordPress site mobile-friendly will help you attract more targeted audiences to your blog. As your site supports the majority of mobile devices. But what are the standards that define and make sure that your newly created blog is mobile friendly?

well, there are lots of important factors and parameters. That decides the mobile usability of your site. some of those factors are listed below.

  • does your site support all mobile devices?
  • When anyone accesses your site using any browser, does it loads fast enough with the same speed on the PC?
  • The images and design used on your site loads perfectly in all operating systems?
  • What is the average size of the fonts used on your blog? do they appear the same as your reader wants it on all devices?

These are some factors that define your site’s overall responsive design and the capability to adjust the font size, design, and appearance according to the device on which your site is being used.

However, you might be surprised to know that if your site is not mobile-friendly enough then it can affect your search engine rankings in a very bad manner. Decreasing your chances of receiving quality traffic directly from the search engines.

What Is Responsive Design?

If you have never heard of responsive design then don’t worry because, as the name suggests whenever a site is designed to be responsive according to different platforms. It is a responsive design that will change automatically according to various resolutions of different devices.

For example, if you open on your android device with an average screen of 5-6 inches it will load according to that aspect ratio. while on the other hand if you open the same site on your PC or laptop it will load in a completely different way with more features.

Same way if you want your blog to automatically adjust any type of device then using responsive web designs is one of the best choices. Now after understanding the importance of a responsive designing process let’s explore the other methods you can use to make your site mobile friendly.

Methods For Making Your WordPress Site Mobile-Friendly

It’s obvious that anyone who has just started their blogging journey won’t be that familiar with SEO terms such as responsive web design etc.

But if you have already published a few articles. And want to improve the user experience on your site. Then you can use any of the following methods to make your WordPress site mobile friendly no matter which type of site or blog you own.

1.  Using Responsive Templates

There are thousands of WordPress templates available in the market. Some of them are free to use while some require payment to use them. You can use them for your new site to make it mobile-friendly easily within a few minutes of work.

But where you can get such templates for free? well the free ones and paid ones both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. When using the free templates you will have to deal with the developer rights and name in your site’s footer section.

On the other hand, if you choose any of the paid responsive themes then you can easily change the footer credits once you have got the paid version of that particular theme. You will also receive technical support regarding any type of queries you have in the usage of the theme. (e.g Extra theme, Elegant Themes By DIVI )

2.  Hiring A Developer To Make Your WordPress Site Mobile Friendly

Another solution you can try to make your site responsive is to hire a professional developer who can actually turn your site into the way you want it to be. However, you need a solid budget to afford this type of service.

But if you have a  running blog that is receiving a good amount of traffic on a daily basis. And you wish to make it mobile-friendly then go for it. As it will increase your site’s overall performance and speed once it becomes fully responsive.

So we only recommend this method to those people who are able to afford this service. If you are just starting as a blogger then you can always choose the free themes available in the market to make your WordPress site responsive.

3.  Using Quality Plugins

If you have used WordPress to post any articles on your blogs then you might be familiar with plugins and widgets. As you already know there are various types of plugins available in the market for any task or function you want to add to your blog.

But how the plugins can be used for making your site mobile friendly? There are lots of popular optimization plugins available in the WordPress library such as Jetpack, W3 Total cache, Wp-touch.

All of these plugins are used by millions of people to increase their site’s user experience and overall performance along with the loading speed. tasks such as media compression and font adjustments are necessary to make your site mobile friendly.

And the good thing is that all of this work will get done automatically by the plugin. So you don’t have to worry about coding and media optimization anymore. Most of these plugins will help your user’s browser to create and manage cache memory for your site.

Because once your site is loaded successfully in the user’s device all the media files and other important files will be stored in the cache memory. So the loading speed of your site/blog will become extremely fast compared to other blogs in the market.


Making your WordPress site mobile-friendly will help you in many ways, so if you are facing any problems transforming your WordPress site into a responsive site. Then you can simply use any of the above-listed methods on your WordPress site.

If you found any useful information in this article then please share with other bloggers who are having trouble with such problems. And don’t forget to mention any type of query or suggestion you have in the comments section below.

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