Divi WordPress Theme Features and Overview

Fed up of the same old look…? Want to feel confident about your website? Well, here is an update for you. Today, I want to share an experience about the WordPress theme I came across which struck me with its elegance. Elegant themes are well famous for the stunning themes they provide for the websites, one of those themes is The Divi theme which is becoming more and more popular for its light, classic elegant look.

Divi wordpress theme features

Divi Theme Features, a Multipurpose Theme

Divi theme is a simple drag and drops theme and it performs not only for the look but also for the framework. More than a theme it is also used for building your website.

But what makes it so special that it has made more than 400k happy users…? I’m eager too… Let’s find out…!

Elegance – Design

For a theme, it is important to look good, it doesn’t matter whether you make a blog or business website with this. Because, this is where the visitors get attracted first, as the proverb says the First impression is the best impression. Graphics and effects make the theme exceptional of any other theme.

The design provided by the Divi theme is totally equal to photoshop editing because of the high-resolution graphics and effects they use. The output never looked like it’s been created instead, it looks like its natural. At last, you eventually come to the conclusion that “Yeah, this is how it has to be done.!”

The Awesome Page Builder

Do you hate building webpage… Trust me, after using Divi theme you will not. With Divi theme, the page building has become the Fun and easiest job to do. The Divi theme is the most advanced yet, which even allows us to edit visual as well through default backend editor.

A webpage is an interlink of so many things in it, but it often becomes a matter of concern when it comes to webpage building. Since Divi theme allows you to build virtually it’s easy to build the page and most importantly due to this factor it sets a new chapter for the future on WYSIWYG.

You Are In-Charge of the Control Room…!

The complete control is under your fingertip and you can make changes anytime anywhere you want. For freelancers, this is a gift because of the easy edit system. You don’t like the effects and transformation just change it instantly, this is how it makes you fall in love with designing while using Divi.

Divi WordPress Theme Panel Features

Social media

Linking becomes a very light work with Divi theme. From the Divi theme’s general option you can enable available social network icons and the best is, you don’t need to write the codes. To link these pages in backend all you have to do is… just go to the general settings and enable the show icon option and add the respective URLs for those social media pages.


For WooCommerce…divi theme provides layout selection, from which you can select and post your products for shopping.

Google Maps

You can use google map with Divi theme also. For this feature, you need Google’s API to enable this feature. If you have enabled this feature you can have google map and Full-Width maps.

Custom CSS

They provide WYSIWYG feature but still if you feel something has to be done manually you can add customized CSS coding to the page.

Navigation panel

This option provides the linking part that is to navigate where to where, dropdown menus, where to provide the home links, sorting your pages in order…etc.


As the name suggests, this section controls the display of the webpage. Other than from a normal layout you have control for the comment section too. You can decide whether to display the comments are not and the thumbnails for this section are automatically generated.


This section allows you to add your personalized Ads with image and destination URLs


The most important and very needed section for every webpage. This section allows you to customize your website for on-page search engine optimization in the following ways


It prevents the website from duplicating the URLs and pages.


So, the theme creates a title automatically based on your blog and its title, but still if you want to change you can change the title name and you can also add custom keywords which makes it easier for people using the search engine. Additionally, it also provides custom field names to describe the blog’s field and if this custom editing is disabled the Divi theme generates it automatically.

Who can use it.?

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, companies, agencies, bloggers..etc, it’s for everyone. Because it’s easy to use, design and web page building its suitable for everyone using WordPress.

The optimist…!

Trust…is the thing which is running all the businesses. When there is a “No” to the design of your clients please, then it’s probably like you are making your client find other sources. With the help of Divi theme its never a no for your client, you can say yes with confidence…which helps you to build your business.

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