Top 10 Most Popular WordPress Themes To Use In 2021!

If you want to sell a product/service, it should be attractive enough to get potential customers right? The same goes for blogging when working with a completely new blog. For making a blog successful you need a lot of things. While a simple & easy user interface and quality content with targeted traffic is among them. If you have got these two things in your pocket, nobody can stop you from making a persistent income online.

top 10 most popular WordPress themes to use

With the growing number of new business startup trends in the current market. The majority of them are aware of internet exposure and business potential. Because if they fail to attract the customers through every possible method/platform, growing a new business is a difficult task for sure! Hence, The best and easy way to make your presence on the internet is by publishing your business website.

10 Most Popular WordPress Themes In 2021! (Free + Paid)

We will discuss the first essential element, which is an attractive user interface. Achieving something like that while using WordPress is super easy! You may be familiar with WordPress themes. If not, then we have collected the 10 most popular themes available in the market at the moment. Let’s dive in for detailed information regarding the best WordPress themes for you!

1. Astra

Astra is one of the toughest competitors for other theme companies in the market! Having a huge number of active business sites and blogs using this amazing theme actively. Makes it an ideal choice for anyone. whether you are planning to start a new blog, business, or even an E-commerce store. This theme is capable of handling everything.

No doubt the features are as polished as the theme itself. Giving them the freedom to edit the components according to the user’s requirement. You can optimize almost every aspect of your site if you decide to choose Astra as your primary theme for the blog.

2. Parallax

Highly focused on creating Portfolio and single-page WordPress sites. Parallax offers some crazy features that are not available with other similar themes. If you are planning to build a professional portfolio website or a WordPress site. With the home page as a point of attraction, using the Parallax won’t disappoint you at all.

Therefore, allowing the user to build unlimited layout combinations with different powerful widgets bundled together, you can even create an industry-level Landing Page easily. Do use this theme if your main goal is to create a professional single-page website.

3. Divi

Talk about multipurpose, and Divi will slip out of your tongue if you have been looking for the best WordPress theme for a long time. Claiming to be the most popular WordPress theme in the world, DIVI is a multipurpose, page builder concept, that allows the users to easily drag and drop the components at their will.

Therefore, component management is much simpler compared to other complicated methods out there, yet you can always choose from the hundreds of Layouts according to your needs. In any case, if you don’t know how page builders are more useful than normal themes, you should probably try the Divi theme for once.

4. Ultra

A complete collection of powerful features and widgets for styling your website according to your requirements. Ultra is one of the most flexible themes in the market out there. Providing easy-to-use page builders with tons of quality layouts that can be customized easily.

Even a complete beginner can create a professional-looking website with the help of Ultra theme. Building a responsive site won’t be a problem because every single layout from Ultra is fully responsive and supports all devices equally. So you can choose it for sure.

5. Genesis

Doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or a professional developer the Genesis framework is made for everyone. By using this super-fast theme you can build WordPress sites that load much quickly compared to the normal ones.

Providing you a seamless user experience along with extra search engine optimization to outrank your competitors. Yet if you are not satisfied with the service. You can check for alternatives online, or go through this comparison of Divi vs Genesis to choose the best one for you.

6. StudioPress

StudioPress is a part of the genesis framework, providing a clean and optimized code + smart design architecture for ease of usage. Even a complete newbie blogger can turn his site into a professional-looking site with the help of this amazing theme structure.

For instance, you are thinking about starting a beauty blog on a budget, you may need to reconsider the cost of various elements required for making your blog successful. Choosing StudioPress can give an advantage over others, as you can use the seamless user interface and functionalities for a quite reasonable price.

7. X Theme

Another theme owner site that represents themselves as the “Best WordPress Theme” in the market. Following the concept of providing an ultimate page builder for bloggers. X theme is something out of the box, unlike other page builders X theme follows the WYSIWYG ( what you see is what you get ) concept.

With overwhelming different features and user interface improvements, it’s a completely new experience for any blogger. Another great benefit is that you can choose from hundreds of different professional designs available in the design cloud for giving a professional look to your site in no time!

8. Newspaper

Many of the bloggers have been using the grid view template for starting their news sites. And when it comes to grid view or magazine type templates Newspaper is one of the best WordPress themes available in the market. The Newspaper theme may seem like it’s only for news sites, but actually, it supports a wide range of blogs no matter which niche you choose for it.

Power-packed with tons of professional demo templates the Newspaper theme provides a template for almost any type of blog you want. Additionally, a professional page builder is included for making the site-building process much easier compared to the traditional methods.

9. Store Front

As its name suggests the StoreFront theme is focused on e-commerce services. Providing the service as the default theme of popular e-commerce plugin “Woocomerce”. It’s developed by the Woocomerce core development team.

So you won’t be disappointed if you are looking for starting a new eCommerce store. With an easy-to-use and understand user interface, the StoreFront theme is a very simple yet effective option. If you are searching for a theme for starting a new eCommerce store.

10. Exponent

As a businessman, if you want it to be up and ready quickly, using WordPress with an Exponent theme is the best choice. But why choose exponent over others? due to the increasing number of benefits of using this amazing template, there are a lot of new businesses that are using Exponent.

With more than 26 professional demo websites to help you get started with the market competition, you can count on Exponent for sure. Not to mention it has a top-notch support system to deal with any possible issues with new users. While being GDPR compliant and multi-lingual at the same time, this theme is perfect for any kind of website!


Choosing the right WordPress theme requires enough technical knowledge. And especially if you are planning to use a paid one then, we highly recommend going through every feature and functionality regarding the particular theme you are going to use. Thankfully you can choose one of these top 10 themes for your blog. Don’t forget to mention any questions or queries in the comments section below and do share this information with others if you found it useful.

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