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Confused about what to choose for your blog themes? How to make them more attractive by using customized themes? If you’re searching for a new WordPress theme, one name you’ll always come across is an Elegant Themes. With its hugely popular Extra theme, Elegant Themes made the design the blog more interactive and make them attractive. Elegant Extra themes are one of the biggest names in the WordPress ecosystem and the blogging world.

Extra WordPress theme for blogging

On paper, Elegant Extra Themes certainly deserve a place on your wishlist’s when it comes to customized themes buying. But is it worth your search? Will you get all the needed WordPress themes that will help you design your blog or website? By the end of this post, you will hopefully have the answer to all your questions and you can make a well informed and well-thought decision.

Extra is the latest WordPress theme from Elegant Themes. It’s their first release since the excellent Divi theme, a product that continues to receive regular updates, new features, and overall improvements.

Divi themes are versatile and multipurpose themes mostly used to create a website with WordPress. But on the other side, Extra has a more active focus on the Magazine designers and bloggers. It was specially created to cater to the Bloggers and online publications who want a theme that will put their content front and center while also assuring their blog is simple to navigate and looks fabulous at the same time.

Extra WordPress Theme Features

If you are building a blog or news and magazine-style website then Extra could be the theme for you.

In this Extra WordPress theme review, we will be taking a look at the features on offer from this magazine-style blog template.

Here is the review about it and will help you to choose.

Extra Theme Design and Layout

The best place to start with the Extra WordPress theme is its look and design. The main focus of Extra Themes is to let your content take the center stage. One important area where Extra excels is the way it lets you publish articles that can connect with your audiences. Here you can publish your articles in a long-form content on your website, in a range of formats. Instead of using the default WordPress editor available to create a standard post of texts and images, Here you can design your blog or magazine with a unique approach that enables you to create your Elegant and beautifully attractive blog designs.

The Extra theme has a very delightful visual experience and it feels enriching when visiting an Extra theme customized blog. It’s backed up with many features and customization options that let you release content in style and elegance which will stamp your personality on your site. It helps your visitors navigate your site makes it friendly for them. Display more content on your site.

Divi Builder Tool

The Extra theme is well equipped with the Divi Builder tool to edit and customize your blog or magazine page according to your comfort. You get access to a powerful page builder tool for creating some of the extraordinary custom layouts for your posts and pages. Since it’s an initial release, the Divi Builder is regularly updated and has an impressive front-end visual interface to help you create astonishing pages for your blog or website.

Extra Theme Features

However, you should have a lot of content along with you as images, videos, and written content to look at your site or blog look stunning. This theme is very useful for the new WordPress users who are going to make a site or blog by themselves.

Packed with all kinds of features, Extra comes with the following:

  • Powerful Divi Builder Integration
  • The option to use either the standard back-end editor or the front-end visual editor
  • Divi Builder for custom category-based pages
  • Built-in ratings and reviews
  • Woo-commerce Integration
  • Portfolio, project, and product support
  • Multiple Navigation Options including mega menus
  • Fully Responsive
  • Custom widgets & more

The Extra Admin Menu

If you are new to the Extra theme you will not feel messed up here. It feels like the primary Extra menu feels like home. It has all standard features like Category Builder. The Category feature will help you make your stand out from all other websites.

Category Builder

This is one section where Extra themes separate itself from the other competitors and with Divi builder in general. Creating a different Template for each specific category would be time consuming and boring. Here Extra comes along with Category based templates that are easy to use.

Theme Customizer

In the Extra Theme, you will get a WordPress Customizer where you will get a vast majority of theme customization’s and there are lots of customized themes available for you. You can customize every bit of your blog site or magazine page with Elegant Extra themes. This gives a unique look to your blog or site and easy to create.

Publish Professional Reviews

If you want to publish reviews on your blog or magazine website, the review builder tool will be of great use for you. Through this tool you can, you can add a title for your review, a review summary, and then individual review rating categories. One of the best aspects of this review feature is that it will overlay a progress bar, which displays the review score over the featured image for the post. This gives your audience the ability to leave their feedback and influence how your content is presented on your site.

Theme Options

The theme options panel is where you can control all of your main site functions. It’s broken down into 7 sections:

  • General Settings
  • Navigation
  • Layout Settings
  • Ad Management
  • SEO
  • Integration
  • Support Docs

Extra Theme Pro’s and Con’s

Extra WordPress Theme Pro’s

  • Easy and seamless to use and learn
  • Lots of customized layouts options
  • Awesome front and back end editors
  • An excellent product at such a low price
  • All types of documents support

Extra WordPress Theme Con’s

  • Requires a lot of content to fill it out
  • You won’t want to switch themes for a while
  • You can get lost in the ocean of possibilities

Extra is a reliable choice for a WordPress Blog or magazine Site theme

The Extra wp theme is impressive. Enabled with the Divi builder you will have enough chance to customize and have many layouts to build your blog website or magazine. Hope this review will be useful for you to choose the right Website building tool.

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