Compelling Reasons Why You Need Link Building (Updated list)

The quality link-building process can open up the doors to success for you. Yet many newbie bloggers don’t pay much attention to link building. Resulting in so many benefits if done properly. link building is one of the most useful methods for building trust and a regular audience. But as there are so many marketing and promotional methods available, link building is not getting enough importance.

Why link building is essential for your blog?

compelling reasons why link building is important

Being considered as one of the traditional methods for growing a blog’s SEO performance and organic exposure on the internet. Not using link building would be a waste of opportunities.

However, many compelling reasons can make you believe. That link building is as good as other marketing and promotional methods out there. We have included the most compelling reasons and why you should start link building for your site below.

1. Brand Promotion & Presence

If you are planning on improving your brand presence and increase the number of organic visitors. Then proper link building is a must! Allowing you to connect with similar professionals and perform effective brand promotions. In this way, people with the same interests will get attracted more often to you.

The concept is more important for blogs with a specific niche like beauty blogging. So you better go through the basic steps for How to start a beauty blog, to avoid any future problems. Unlike other brand promotion methods available to use, Link building may seem exhausting. As long as you don’t have to pay for this method you can keep pushing for better results.

2. Helps Build Strong Industry Relationships

Building good relationships with similar business/site owners won’t hurt you at all. Try to use a positive approach when reaching out to them. Because if you can build industry-level relationships. It will benefit you a lot in terms of better SEO and driving more traffic to your content.

Apart from providing high-quality Dofollow backlinks for your site, proper link building will increase your worth as a site that provides quality accurate content. So whenever search engine crawlers visit your site. They will find niche-specific quality content every time. In the same way, when your referral sites are being crawled with a higher DA PA score than yours, your site will get noticed by the crawlers because of the dofollow links.

3. Faster Indexing

Another compelling reason to start quality link building for your blog is related to indexing. If you have started your blog recently. Then getting your new articles indexed adequately on different search engines should be your priority after publishing them.

However, getting your articles indexed much faster than others is not an easy task. And monitoring every single page in terms of indexing status is more difficult. But what if you can easily get all the information related to indexing in just one click? Well, there are tons of SEO suites available for retrieving this information in the market. Yet, according to the recent trends, Raven Tools or Semrush both are top-notch SEO software that can help you with growing your new blog.

4. More Targeted Referral Traffic

Without enough targeted traffic you can not expect your site to generate any sales/conversions frequently. There are tons of ways to generate traffic for your site. Yet not every method will generate expected results for you. So you better choose the right method for your site.

Considering the several aspects of a successful blog, genuine link building is one of those effective methods to get more targeted referral traffic. Suppose you own a fashion blog with a decent amount of daily visitors, you will get enough traffic daily it’s normal. But if you want more organic visitors having the same interest as yours, it will be easier for you to drive such quality referral traffic from similar sites.

5. Overall SEO Improvement

Being one of the most essential elements of SEO, link building has a strong effect on your overall SEO of the site. Either positive or negative it depends on how precisely you carry out the process of link building.

Increasing your site’s domain authority and page authority at the same time, link building will also help in improving your SERP positions significantly. But make sure to follow the right methods for creating quality links. otherwise, you may regret building harmful links.

6. Helps Improve Your Link Profile

Obviously, if you start focusing on proper link building regarding your blog, the current link profile of your blog will grow without a doubt! And having a convincing link profile can make your blog stand out from others.

Assuming that you have already built some strong connections within your niche, Your DA and PA will start increasing too. At the same time when a search engine crawler goes through your blog, it will conduct a positive impact having a decent link profile that’s well maintained too.

7. Compete With Others

You can choose any niche you want for starting a new blog, Yet competition is something that you can’t avoid for sure. Except you are working on a really micro-niche blog, with almost no competition. To outrank other bloggers in the same niche, you can not completely rely on your quality content. SEO factors like link building also play an important role in ranking factors.

If you can get linked back from popular sites in the same field, the chances of beating your competitors for the same keyword positions are increased drastically. The ranking algorithms from search engines like Google and others will see your content as a more promising source of information for the same query that your competitors are targeting.

Wrapping Up

Every successful blogger is well aware of the importance of quality link building. Especially if you are a beauty blogger and don’t know How to start a beauty blog. Using link-building tactics can be more tricky for you! Thankfully it’s not that difficult to learn proper link building for your blog. Share this information with others if you found it useful, and don’t forget to mention your queries or suggestions in the comments section.

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