Raven Tools VS SemRush Which One Is Better in 2021?

You may have come across many SEM tools till now, but choosing a particular tool from a variety of them is very difficult. Because each of them has its own pros and cons so you can not go for any random tool that is suggested by someone.

Instead, require additional information regarding the software or tool you are going to choose for your blog. Afterward, you can prioritize your requirements and choose the best tool available for you in the market.

raven tools vs sem rush seo tools for internet marketing

Raven Tools VS SemRush Which One Is Better in 2021?

In this article, we are going to compare the two most popular SEM tools Raven tools and SemRush. To find out which one is better for someone who wants to start their blogging career in 2021?

Without wasting any precious time let’s start comparing both of them based on their features, pricing, and other important factors.

1. Raven Tools

Our first tool in this comparison is “RavenTools.com“. If you have never heard of this amazing SEM tool then you don’t have enough exposure to the internet world. As raven tools had been providing its services since 2007 the quality of their service can be assumed with the number of satisfied customers they have around the world.

Raven Tools seo software

Being trusted by thousands of agencies, inhouse marketers, media companies, and freelancers raven tools sure stand out from others in the market. Apart from so many goodwill raven tools aims to provide the best service in the sector with amazing concurrent usage abilities with other platforms as well.

There are lots of powerful features available in raven tools that will make your work easier and help you complete the routine tasks much faster compared to before. But what type of features you will get to use if you choose raven tools as your internet marketing helping hand? Let’s find out!

Raven Tools Features

  • Powerful Backlink Tools
  • Latest Link Building Manager
  • Keyword Rank Checker
  • Rank Tracking
  • Website Audits
  • Link Spying
  • Marketing Reports
  • Social Media Tools
  • Competitor Research

Raven tools- best seo software for blogging

Features such as easy marketing reports builder and social media management tools are not offered with any ordinary SEM tool nowadays. But you should know how to use them at your advantage over your competitors. Otherwise, it would be all in vain to invest your money in this service.

If you are not familiar with the usage of such features then don’t worry as you can always contact customer support whenever you face any problems regarding the usage of the tools. So now let’s take a look at the pricing to see whether it’s an affordable service or not.

Raven Tools Pricing

The pricing range for these tools is quite different compared to other pricing systems. As you will be able to choose from 5 different plans, The subscription process is much faster compared to other services. You can choose from any of the 5 plans that are listed below.

  • Small Biz
  • Start
  • Grow
  • Thrive
  • Lead

Talking about the features according to different pricing you can clearly see the offerings in the image below. The most important thing is that if you plan to use raven tools for a long time then you can get an extra 30% discount for a yearly subscription.

Choose the plan that suits your requirements and the traffic that your blog receives. But make sure to go for a small subscription in the starting phase and see whether you can grow your blog with or not.


All in one seo tool Raven tools

2. SemRush.com

SemRush has been providing its services since 2008 just like raven tools it also holds goodwill in the market. Almost 800 IT specialists work to give the best service to their customers for SemRush.

Providing their services around the world SemRush has 7 offices on two continents. Let’s be clear as you will get more features and accurate information regarding your queries while working with SemRush compared to the raven tools.

SEM Rush best seo tool

Because the list of powerful tools and features, you can use in SemRush is very long. You will need further assistance to use some of those advanced features. Fortunately, the 24/7 customer support will help you get over any problem you have.

Let’s go through all the features and advanced tools you will be able to use if you choose Semrush for growing your online business or blog in 2021!

SEM Rush Tools Features

  • Traffic Analysis
  • Advertising Research
  • Organic Research
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Keyword magic tool
  • CPC Map
  • SEO Writing Assistant
  • PPC Keywords Tools
  • Site & Backlink Auditor
  • On-Page SEO Checker
  • Social Media Marketing Tools
  • Reports Management

Unlike raven tools, you will have a specific tool available to use for any task you want to perform. Hence tools like social media marketer, report generator, and manager, CPC map will help you outrank your competitors easily with the powerful data you have.

SEM Rush seo tool for internet marketing

But choosing SemRush requires anyone to have enough budget to afford the powerful services. In raven tools, you get lots of options to choose from but with SemRush you will have only three plans to choose from.

SEM Rush Pricing

These three plans are billed either yearly or monthly whichever you prefer, with the annual subscription you can easily save up to 16% of the total cost. But before going for any plans you should be aware of the pricing policy.

  • Pro
  • Guru
  • Business

SEM Rush Pricing and plans

If you are just starting as a newbie blogger then the Pro plan may be affordable for you. Still, it’s costly for many users because $83/month ( annual subscription ) is not considered to be cheap. So choose your plan wisely if you can split the costing with some partner of yours then it can be a great idea to use the service at a much lower price.

The remaining plans are basically for agencies and startups who are looking for a service that can help in researching the data on a large scale. As they are working as a group of people affording such costly plans will be easy.


Both of them are trustworthy search engine marketing tools in their own respective way, So you don’t need to worry about the quality of the service. However, pricing policy can be the deciding factor for most people as both have completely different plans and pricing.

We would recommend you to use the free trial period of both the services to find out which one performs the best for your new blog. Afterward, you can simply choose the one that fulfills your requirements.

If you found any useful information in the article then please share it with others and make sure to mention any suggestions or queries in the comments section below.

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