20+ Straight Methods to Become a Successful Blogger in 2021

According to recent research, millions of new blogs are created every single day. Unfortunately, 90% of these blogs become dead because their owners want to be successful the day after they start blogging. Well, it doesn’t work like that because if it did, then every single person would start a new blog daily and start making money with it.

So most of the people who start a new blog to be a successful blogger and make a living from it, Get frustrated in the end resulting in quitting their blogging career. But why those professional bloggers in the market are making 5-6 figures every month from their blog? what do they know that you don’t?

20+ Straight Tips to Become a Top Successful Blogger in 2021

In this article, we are going to discover some of the most important factors that every newbie blogger should consider for their future as a blogger. You will be amazed to see how much precision and hard work those professionals handle every day to stay on top of their fields.

Now without wasting any time, let’s get started and find the key to becoming a successful blogger in 2021!

1. Choosing The Best Platform

The first step for being a successful blogger is to choose the right platform for your starting career. There are tons of new blogging platforms available nowadays like WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr. All of them provide the best user interface with many powerful features required to run a successful blog.

But if you want to keep things simple and easy to manage then we would recommend you choose WordPress as your blogging platform. It is easy to use and allows you to customize the blog as per your requirements. As WordPress empowers 37% of the blogs on the internet you won’t be disappointed by the service.

2. Focus On Your Content

Content is always the king when we are talking about blogging. Your main focus element should be your content. Without providing quality content on your new/old blog you can not expect to have anyone hitting up your blog. So if you have already published some of the articles go through all of them and make sure they have at least 1500-2000 words.

Because longer articles tend to perform better compared to the quick writeups we usually do. Don’t worry if you are not comfortable with writing longer blog posts. Instead, take your time and find your weak points to improve the content quality and length. We would recommend you to write about something that you love personally.

In this way, you can avoid boredom while enjoying your writing sessions for the articles. Instead of targeting the low competition keywords without any type of interest within them, you should start focusing on what you prefer as a blogger.

3. Post Consistently

Consistency is the key to success. And if you are aiming for being a successful blogger in 2021 then you will have to be consistent enough posting interesting content at least 4-5 times a week. For a new blog, posting articles on a regular basis would be best. But if you have any problem with posting daily then you can limit it as you prefer.

The majority of successful bloggers create a perfect content schedule for their blogs. You can create a schedule for your blog that will help you stay on track. It would be much easier to compete with others when you are working with a decent content schedule. Still, following this schedule can be difficult for certain reasons ( try to avoid them ).

4. Focus On Only 1-2 Social Media Platforms

Using social media platforms for interacting with a broad audience is a great way to grow your traffic and blog. But many new bloggers use 4-5 social media platforms together. Resulting in a total failure, because keeping up with so many platforms is near to impossible.

Instead of going after too many platforms together, we would recommend you choose the best-suited social media platform for your blog. Suppose you are receiving good results with Instagram then only focus on growing your followers and engagement rate to use that audience for your blog.

5. Understand Your Audience

Monitoring your blog and understanding your audience is very easy and one of the most important things every blogger should do. Because if you want to be successful then you will have to find out about your audience’s interest and fulfill their requirements. Use google analytics or any other plugins for monitoring your audience and articles that are performing better recently.

As you succeed in understanding your audience you can create more audience-centric content. Allowing you to target the most active readers on your sites, with an increased amount of social shares for these blog posts that you published. The logic is simple, keep your audience happy and they will do the same for you.

6. Maintain Your Personal Touch Within The Content

As we mentioned before the content is the most important factor for growing any blog. But everyone provides quality content, so why someone should prefer your content instead? The answer is simple, you need to add some personal touch of yours. If you have any expertise in a particular field then you can use it for making your content more enjoyable.

If you have ever visited any of the popular blogs, most of them have their own accent of communicating with the readers. The tactical approach and start of the articles are always interesting to keep them reading further and further. You can do the same by applying your own methods and sharing knowledge with your audience.

7. Seamless User Experience

Your main motto should be providing valuable information via blog while maintaining the best possible user experience on your blog. Suppose someone visits your blog and your blog doesn’t load properly on the device. It will create a bad impression on the blog and your personality as well.

To avoid such user experience problems always use simple and easy to navigate themes for your new blogs. Such themes are very easy to install and customize as per your requirements. If you are using WordPress then finding SEO-optimized and fast themes is easy. Simply visit the appearance section and go to the themes option. Now you can choose the best theme for your new blog.

8. Be Creative

Being creative can help you in many ways. Whether it’s attracting more visitors or improving the performance of your content. Brainstorming can help you come up with new ways and ideas to gain more followers and make your audience love your content.

Doing something different from others will help your blog stand out from other competitors in the market. Hence, it will take some time but the results will be surprising for you. Don’t worry if you are not a type of creative person yourself. Just represent your thoughts and ideas in a different manner it will be enough.

9. Learn From Your Mistakes

Everyone do mistakes, even those professionals who are in the top positions right now have done many mistakes throughout the journey of a professional blogger. But you will have to learn from those mistakes and improve yourself day by day. Whether it’s a problem related to SEO or blog posts you can take your time to fix them.

Understand the cause of the mistake and find how you can avoid it. The next time you perform the same task again, remember the lesson and keep moving forward. If you want to be a successful blogger then you will have to learn how to manage your mistakes to your advantage.

10. Keep Learning Something New

The interesting secret every professional blogger holds is they keep learning something new no matter what the consequences. This helps them to optimize their articles and make the most out of the information they already have. Staying up to date with the inside and outside world is very important for being successful as a blogger.

So get in touch with people in the same niche as yours or start reading other quality blogs similar to yours to stay up to date with the competitors. If you are successful in understanding your competitors and their content strategy, no one can stop you from beating them in the rankings for sure. Keep growing your knowledge and tactics by learning something new every day.

11. Build Interaction Between You And Audience

Building a psychological connection between you and your audience is very important for growing any new blog and making it successful. Because if you lack proper communication with your readers then you may lose them soon enough. To avoid such situations we would recommend you to interact with your audience on a regular basis.

You can use any popular methods to do so. For example, the majority of successful bloggers either interact with the audience using the Email service or comments section. If you are not familiar with the email method, then you should focus on replying to the comments.

People who read your content have many doubts and issues regarding the particular topic. Look for such questions in the comments section and resolve their issues to maintain a connection between you and them.

12. Use Giveaways To Keep Things Interesting

If you have been blogging for a long period of time and posting content regularly. People may get bored sometimes, to keep things interesting you can use little giveaways or freebies to keep them hooked up. Many bloggers and site owners use this method to attract more organic traffic through such events.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to do. Just find a good e-book worth reading that is related to your blog and people would love to have it for free! It can be anything that relates to your niche. Suppose you have a Digital marketing blog, offering an e-book that teaches people “how to gain more CPA sales in just 10 days” can bring you many visitors.

Encourage people to share such events on their social media handles and see the magic! More and more people will visit your blog for the amazing content and freebies both.

13. Improve Your Writing Skills

Blogging requires professional writing skills so you can convey your information and thoughts more effectively compared to others. For producing quality content and outstanding accents improving your writing skills is the only way to achieve it. But how someone can improve their writing skills in less time?

However, it will require a lot of hard work and patience to improve your writing skills. It completely depends on your learning speed and dedication to the work. If you manage to read quality blog posts every day and practice with them. Eventually, you will be able to start writing like the professionals’ in the market out there!

Try to create a short article every day and compare it with others to find out your actual progress. Another important factor to improve your writing skills is to increase your vocabulary. Even if you have excellent grammar skills, you can not create a perfect article without enough vocabulary.

14. Explore The World Of Communication

You can find the term communication almost everywhere, it is a very important part of being a successful blogger. If you lack good communication skills when dealing with your audience, it will be a problem for you. So if you are not good at communicating with others then you should focus on improving this first.

Improving communication skills is not easy but you can hit YouTube for some fundamental lessons regarding how you can fix this issue. Or you can practice it by analyzing some professional blogs in the same niche as yours. Learn how the bloggers interact with their readers and increase their engagement rate.

15. Collaborate With Others

Collaborations are always good when it comes to blogging. If you have ever noticed most of the successful YouTubers and Bloggers prefer to do collaborations to stand out in the market allowing them to attract a more targeted audience. But how can you collaborate with others if you have just started your blogging career?

Well, it won’t be easy to find a successful blogger who is willing to collaborate with a newbie. But you should look for someone who has less traffic and started their blog recently so he/she won’t hesitate to collaborate as it is beneficial for both of you. This will help two similar audiences to meet with each other increasing the amount of traffic you normally receive.

16. Allow People To Comment

If you have already published a dozen of quality articles on your new blog. Then why not make it easier for your readers to share their own thoughts and opinion about the content you provide. People love to comment about any suggestions or questions they have regarding your content so the commenting system should be handy for the readers.

But unfortunately, many bloggers don’t give much importance to the comments section. Being aware that it’s very important to keep the commenting section easy to access and use for everyone. You should check your own comments section to see if your readers are facing any issues while sharing their own opinions.

17. Start Reading Related Quality Content

Reading is a very important hobby if you are looking forward to becoming a successful blogger in the near future. It not only helps to improve your knowledge but it will also increase your vocabulary automatically! Allowing you to create a more clean and effective piece of content for your lovely audience.

You can decide which type of books or content you would prefer to read while you have enough free time to spare. Or we can say you should invest a portion of your routine life in reading. But make sure to target something that is related to your blogging niche so you can make the most out of it!

18. Be Positive

Positivity is necessary for being successful in any sector of your life. In the same way, if you start being disappointed more often then it will decrease your efficiency of writing meaningful content for the blog. Don’t worry if you are not receiving tons of traffic like others, instead focus on publishing a solid collection of quality content first.

Being positive throughout your blogging career will help you handle certain problems and situations you will face in the future. So keep pushing forward with a positive mindset to keep providing value to the audience without slacking off at writing!

19. Manage Your Expenses And Budget Effectively

Proper management is a very important factor in being a successful blogger. If you ever fail to manage anything related to your blog and lifestyle you will have to fix it instantly. As it can cause you trouble in the future, you will need to manage everything from expenses to daily time schedule.

It will help you predict the approx working hours that you require every week. From this information, you can plan other events and work you have to complete in your daily life. Properly managing the budget and time will help you scale your new blog more quickly compared to others.

20. Have Patience

Patience is the element that most beginners lack! If you want to make quick money and get successful overnight then blogging is not made for you. It requires a lot of patience and hard work to make a blog successful. Even if you are very lucky, approx 2-3 months is the minimum requirement for being a successful blogger.

If you have such dedication towards your goal of being a successful blogger then patience won’t bother you for sure. In the starting days of your blogging career, you will feel like you are wasting your precious time. And that’s when the game begins, as you will have to overcome this shortcoming and keep working.

21. Use Attractive Headlines

Attractive headlines are proven to grab more attention compared to simple titles. The competition is already high in the market, and if you are competing with some professionals then using some of the free hacks won’t hurt your blog. If you search for something on the internet, try to analyze the headlines from the top 5 results.

You will see a major difference between these headlines and other headlines from lower-ranking sites. The type of approach they use to attract more readers and increase click-through rates is very interesting. Go through some of these titles and you will get the idea of how to customize your own headlines for the blog.

22. Proofreading And Grammer Checking

Just writing up your thoughts within an article doesn’t make it quality content. You need to represent it in the best possible way so search engines can index it more quickly. Any type of grammatical or punctuation mistakes can ruin your article and the goodwill of your new blog.

So before pushing that publish button make sure to go through your article as many times as you want. Until you are completely sure that your article is perfect proofreading and grammar checking are some of the best ways to find out any problems regarding readability.

23. Believe In Yourself

Last but not least, keep believing in yourself. It’s the only thing that will help you face difficulties and problems easily. Don’t lose hope because you are not seeing any results. Even if your blog is not getting 100 visitors/day, keep publishing quality content, and focus on your SEO tactics to drive more organic visitors.

Because once you give up on yourself, doing the same things every day will be very difficult for you. Have high self-esteem and you will be a successful blogger one day. The people who are successful in this field did the same thing until they accomplished their goals in life.


It doesn’t matter whether it’s blogging or any other sector, you will need to have patience and do hard work every single day to achieve something big. For being successful you can get inspired by others and follow their lead to improve your chances of being successful.

But in the end, you will be the only person who will be working for the success you desire. So direct your resources towards your goal and start hustle every day. Share this amazing post if you found it useful. And don’t forget to mention any suggestions or queries you have in the comments section.

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