Pinterest SEO guide – 10+ tips to create SEO friendly pins

If you are a blogger or digital marketer, growing your business should be your main goal.

And making progress without promotional strategies is near to impossible.

best SEO practices for pinterest

Unless you become famous overnight, making your business successful quickly is not possible.

That’s where marketing and promotional activities kick in!

And social media platforms are a major part of this whole system.

With huge potential to drive targeted organic traffic, digital marketers and promoters know the importance of social media platforms.

Pinterest SEO guide – 10+ tips to create SEO friendly pins

And Pinterest is one of those widely used social media platforms.

With tons of traffic-generating opportunities, you can make the most out of it if used correctly!

In case you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, We recommend registering one.

So you can promote your business thoroughly.

If you have never used Pinterest before then don’t worry. As we are going to discuss best practices that you can use to improve your Pinterest SEO.

Why Choose Pinterest?

But why you should choose Pinterest of all the social media platforms?

The answer is simple, Pinterest is an image-sharing platform where competition can be tackled easily if you have quality pins on your Pinterest handle.

There are tons of reasons why Pinterest is better than other social media platforms.

As interest allows you to use external links and summary with every pin.

Optimizing them for redirecting your traffic to where you want, will be much easier.

Importance of Pinterest SEO

However, your success depends on the content strategy and SEO tactics that you use.

Without doing Pinterest SEO properly you’ll have a  hard time competing with others for sure!

Because no matter how many random pins you publish daily, you won’t get any results if you are not using SEO.

Thankfully implementing SEO on Pinterest is easy.

We have collected 10+ best SEO practices that can help any beginner to get started on Pinterest.

Let’s go and explore all of them together!

10+ Best practices to improve Pinterest SEO

1. Quality media usage

Pinterest is a type of social media platform that focuses on sharing images and allows people to connect.

Not to mention that if you mess the quality of images, it will affect your progress later.

The most effective way to avoid such issues is you should use quality media from the start.

And try to follow a fixed format if possible. As there will be tons of similar pins available who want to grab the attention of the audience.

You need to be creative and use the best quality media files to provide the best possible content to your audience.

2. Use hashtags more often

New Pinterest users often get confused about whether they should use hashtags or not.

Actually using hashtags more often can help you get seen by others!

Look for a bunch of trending hashtags related to your content and niche. And use one or two every time you upload a new pin.

In this way, you can attract more users who come from Pinterest search.

3. Optimize Pinterest boards

Pinterest boards are a great source of ideas and new connections. As you can simply search up for the boards similar to your content and join them.

Or start your own board and add quality pins there to let others know about your work!

People may interact and save your pins according to the quality of content you provide on the platform.

Eventually, they will end up following you, to keep receiving useful content and information.

4. Guided search suggestions

Guided search is a great help for users who are using Pinterest for the first time.

It’s also useful when a person is looking for information based on long-tail search queries.

The suggestions from the guided search system help the users to find what they’re looking for.

Thankfully you can analyze these suggestions from guided search and turn them into long-tail keywords with high potential.

Simply enter a keyword and note down the long-tailed keywords shown as suggestions.

As people are already searching for these exact terms.

it would be easier for you to create pins around these keywords and attract more organic traffic.

5. Fix your profile

Creating an account on Pinterest is easy, but make sure to choose the business account during the registration process.

Or if you already have a Pinterest account, we recommend you convert it into a business account.

Thankfully it’s free to use and provides you some extra features like insights and rich pins.

Which will help you to track the progress of individual pins and overall performance.

Another important step is to connect and verify your website with Pinterest.

So you can claim this business as yours officially!

6. Publish boards

Boards are a great way to build connections between new people and promote your content.

They act as a collection of related pins that provide content around specific queries.

You can consider it as a community where everyone can share and collect ideas from others.

Creating such niche-centric boards can be very useful to build a stable audience who love your content.

7. Be consistent

Publishing quality pins and content is very important if you wish to get seen by others.

As people love to receive updated content every day, you should focus on publishing your content consistently.

No doubt Pinterest is a platform that gets updated every second, but that doesn’t mean you should start posting random pins.

Instead, focus on maintaining a flow between the interval of each pin you publish.

This consistency will help you deal with any downfalls you may face regarding the organic traffic on your site.

8. Keyword research

Keywords play an essential role in deciding the rankings of your pins. As there are other people, trying their best to get more organic traffic.

You will have to find keywords that are niche-related and has lower competition compared to others.

Try to focus on long-tail keywords that people use to get specific results.

For example, Decoration ideas. Now if you create a pin focused on this keyword, the chances of attracting more organic visitors are very low.

Because there are already millions of pins available on Pinterest which are related to it.

Instead, you should go into more details to target a narrow audience.

Something like Decoration ideas for Christmas party celebration. It will decrease your competition a lot!

9. Analyze your progress

Whether you have been using Pinterest for a year or a month, carefully tracking your progress is essential.

In this way, you can decide what’s working for you and what’s holding back your efforts!

Using the insights feature from Pinterest can pretty much handle all of your content progress.

However, if you’re posting on a large scale, using third-party analysis services can make your work a lot easier.

This information can help you decide your future strategies to deal with competitors.

Or any changes you should implement to boost your progress.

10. Try video pins

Video content performs pretty well when it comes to gaining more attention and organic traffic.

As you can leverage video content for better results. Creating quality video content is not so easy.

But doing something unique will probably help you stand out from others. And using video pins is one of the best ways to target a specific group of people.

If you have ever noticed, professionals use video pins more often to increase the engagement rate.

You can do the same with some extra effort.

11. Gain a decent following

Having a decent amount of people who follow your Pinterest handle can help you in many ways.

It will take some time for sure, but more people will start following your content and ideas once you gain a decent following.

While there are also people who would love to collaborate with you or reach out for product/service promotion.

Obviously, people trust others who have more followers than someone who has just started their journey.

So increasing your follower count is a must!

12. Upgrade your pin design & quality

The majority of new Pinterest users don’t pay much attention to the small details of their content.

Despite providing the best possible quality content, they focus more on publishing as much as possible within a short amount of time.

So they get disappointed in the end when results don’t meet their expectations.

If you want to avoid it, you can do so by working on the design and quality of your pins.

Try to create a format and follow it every time you post something.

It looks professional and it will attract more visitors while encouraging your visitors to share them.

Final words

Generating leads and conversions is getting harder day by day.

So it’s obvious that people are looking for alternative sources to get more organic traffic for better growth.

But optimizing the options you already have at your disposal can speed up the process.

Working with Pinterest to grow your audience and profit at the same will be beneficial.

So follow the above best practices to improve your Pinterest SEO and gain followers.

Do share this article if you found anything useful, and don’t forget to mention any suggestions or queries you have.

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