What is google’s product review update? Comprehensive guide!

There are tons of blogs on the internet that publish high-quality product reviews. Fortunately, most of these reviews are honest and very useful for the people who are willing to choose a product/service.

With the overwhelming popularity of product review blogs in the past months, more people have decided to go with the flow and create more product review content.

what is product review update?

So they can benefit in different ways by utilizing the traffic from organic search. However, it’s not easy to attract a huge amount of traffic while dealing with tough competitors.

Having so much potential, blogs with product review content caught the attention of team Google.

And they decided to announce an update specifically made for product review content available on various blogs.

What is google’s product review update? Comprehensive guide!

But many bloggers haven’t made an effort to get over it. So if you are one of those people who doesn’t know what Google’s product review update actually is, and looking for a way to deal with it then keep reading!

What is Google’s product review Update?

As the name suggests Google’s product review update is mainly focused on product review content only. Unlike other recent updates, the product review update targets a very specific type of content around the globe.

Addressing the quality of content, readability, how much research you have done for the review purpose, and lots of other factors.

The product review update is a system that will evaluate any content available on your site. That is meant to be related to reviewing a product or service.

Doesn’t matter whether you have a technical, food, beauty, fashion, SEO blog.

Because as long as you have a review article published, the product review update will be reconsidered automatically.

And if your content doesn’t match with the minimum standards of product review update, it’s highly possible that your content won’t get addressed by Google.

In this way, Google can easily prioritize the better deserving content publisher. And push them into top positions with better quality content.

But why you should be worried about Google’s product review update, is it important?

And if it is, how can you improve your content strategies to beat your competitors while dealing with the changes?

Let’s find out!

Why is it important for your blog?

As we have already discussed what type of product review content the algorithm favors. You may have to make some necessary changes in your content strategy,

If you want to get acknowledged by the algorithm as a rich and trustworthy source of information.

Regarding the product review queries, you will have to update your content for sure!

Because the more in-depth, organized and researched your product review article is, the more important it will become for the product review update.

And the chances of your content hitting the top SERP positions can increase drastically.

Thankfully you don’t need to worry if you are creating the content in a different language other than English.

As the product review update only affects the sites with content written in the English language currently.


Upgrading your content for the following product review update may sound tricky, but it can actually help your blog improve in many ways.

Instead of losing your potential audience and so many benefits, improving your content for product reviews update is totally worth it!

  • Better evaluation of your efforts
  • Improved impression rates when competing with review-related content.
  • Your efforts will get addressed automatically if you have been working hard to create high-quality review articles.
  • A little bit of extra research and content formatting can put you at advantage over others easily.
  • You can make a decent income from your product review articles if you promote the product/services at the same time.
  • If you have an e-commerce store, writing such review articles for your products can help you attract more possible customers.

How to make your content follow the product review update by Google?

To make your product review articles more meaningful for the algorithm and users, some necessary changes may help you achieve higher rankings.

Thankfully, most of them are easy to implement if you have already published product review articles you will get it done with a few changes.

And if you are going to write new product review content for your site, you can simply consider these changes while writing your article.

Provide value

The product review articles are written to make sure that someone who is going to buy a particular service/product has enough information regarding the different aspects.

Like product price, physical measurements, warranty details, and other related terms that are considered basic product data.

But generally, the product/service manufacturer provides these details on their official website.

So why someone would waste their precious time reading the same information on your review article? Unless you have some valuable information for them no one would like to read your content.

To avoid such problems make sure to do add your own experience with the product/service or something unique that might be helpful for the readers.

Include analysis with solid proof

Most people who create product review content don’t pay much attention to stating the facts and analysis process with solid proof.

Instead, they just use assumptions to put the analysis data through the whole article.

So the proper way to achieve higher quality content is to perform in-depth research that can cover all aspects of that product or service.

It will also improve the trustworthiness of the information you provide, Also try to include the actual screenshots or analysis graphs that you have gathered during the research process.

That creates a stronger impression on the audience and search engine crawlers.

In case you haven’t done any research it would be better to state the facts and data you have gathered in your own way.

The more value you provide with research, the more it will get promoted by the product review update.

Demonstrate the usage

Whenever a new product/service is launched in the market, people barely know how it’s used or the main purpose of launching that product.

So to drive more potential buyers, the respective companies use marketing strategies and promotional activities to spread brand awareness in the market.

Affiliate marketing is one of those strategies vastly used by big companies to increase sales and conversions for new products.

You can become an affiliate marketer to promote such products/services. And receive a decent amount of commission every time you sell something.

In addition to that, you can directly contact the company for a demo product. so you can easily demonstrate and share your experience with others while promoting it.

Creating a demonstrative YouTube video can be quite impressive as a source of attention, helping your audience in any way possible.

With such informative content available on your site, Google’s product review algorithm will reconsider your article for sure!

Pros & Cons

Performing these necessary changes is essential. To get accepted as a quality source of product review content. However, the product review update is in action only for few days, so it’s not perfect yet.

Team Google is taking necessary measures to improve the ranking system based on product review updates. So it’s obvious you’ll have to face some drawbacks while dealing with it.

In spite of improving your chances of ranking based on the content quality and the way, you represent it to others.

The product review update can also put you down the ladder. If something doesn’t fit within the standards. So there are pros & cons that you’ll face for sure.


  • Starting as a new product review site, the update can help you a lot to grow in less time.
  • The more hard work you put into researching and gathering useful data regarding the product, the more it will benefit your blog.
  • Competing with others becomes much easier if you are focusing on product review articles only.


  • The algorithm can get unstable at times, which can result in losing your SERP positions eventually.
  • Creating thin or content without any actual value added to it, won’t get accepted by the product review update.
  • It can be troublesome for sites that have normal content and product review content published together.


Google always try their best to deliver the most useful piece of content to their users. And introducing the product review update was a huge relief for the sites that publish related content more often.

As their efforts will be taken into consideration more effectively from now on. The product review update can turn the tables quickly.

So make sure to go through the whole article if you have skipped any step. Do share and mention any suggestions or queries in the comments section.

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