15+ Tips, Tricks and Tutorials for Professional Food Blogging

Are you a foody and love to try new recipes? Do you want to make money from your recipes? If your answer is “Yes” then stay tuned. In this article, I will guide you to be successful in Food Blogging. Creating a Food Blog is not so difficult. If you have basic knowledge about creating a website, then it will be very easy for you. But, if you are not a tech person, then it will be a little bit difficult for you to start.

First I will tell you some tips tricks and give you a brief description of Food Blogging. After that, we will go through which CMS you should use to start your new food blog along with the advantages of that particular CMS.

What I have explained in this article

In this article, I will not guide you to build a website, I will only give you some tips and tricks. After reading this carefully, you will get to know the fundamentals of starting a Food Blog and will know how to make money from your recipes by posting on your food blog. So don’t worry.

Food blogging tips and tricks for food blogger

Why start a Food Blog

Food Blogging is not hard, still, there are pros and cons to starting a food blog. But if you have passion with the right approach, then you will enjoy doing food blogging and it will become fun and joy for you. When it comes to food, everyone has different choices, so you need to be very creative in writing and also in cooking recipes.

You should experiment with foods. During your experiment and research in the kitchen and foods, you will get ideas and inspirations about foods. Apart from that, this will become a source of income for you. So if you love food and have a passion to do Food Blogging, then starting your first food blog can be quite interesting for you.

What do you need to start your own Food Blog?

To start a successful food blog, you need four things. Which are-

  • You need to choose your content management system.
  • You need a good domain name
  • Also, You need a good powerful web hosting service
  • Some extra tips and tricks are also important, which I will briefly describe to you later.

First of all, you need to choose the CMS (Content Management System). Our best recommendation would be to use WordPress. This is a very good and easy to use CMS. After that, you need a good domain name, and the domain name should be related to food.

And you should always go for a .com extension. In the end, you need good web hosting. Web hosting is one kind of online storage, which will host your food blog. Okay, let’s discuss the tips and tricks, which you need to follow to make a successful Food Blog.

Tips and Tricks to be Successful in Food Blogging

Making your new food blog successful instantly is not an easy task. You need extra help and support to scale a new food blog in less time. So now let’s talk about tips and tricks. which you need to follow and apply in your blog to make a successful food blog. Later on, we will explore how successful food bloggers make persistent income from their blogs every month!

1. Be Unique

You need to be very unique because these days the competition is very high. If you provide unique content and work, then people will notice you automatically. When talking about food blogging, people who are different, get lots of traffic very fast from Google and other search engines. So be as unique as possible if you want your blog to grow fast.

2. Post Regularly

Being consistent is very important in food blogging. You have to post regularly on your blog. Post what you love and deliver the best content you can. It will help you to get traffics fast. Google also notice which blog is up-to-date and regularly provide content on their site. So you have to be regular on your work to gain followers and traffic.

3. Publish Original Content

On the internet, there are lots of good food bloggers and food blogging sites. From them, if you see any good recipes and want to copy them, then don’t do that. If you copy others, then one day you will lose all your regular visitors. Always be original and provide high-quality content for others. People visit your site to get something new and interesting which is not available on other blogs. Otherwise, they can also go to other’s blogs, but if you provide original good recipes, then they will list your site in their favorite section and frequently visit your blog.

4. Learn About the Tools

You have to be a pro in your platform, which you use to post your content or recipes, and have to learn everything about the tools you use in your platform. Before posting anything, learn everything properly about the technical stuff and also about the tools, which you will use to write your recipes and post on your blogging site. It will help you to be fast in your work and save your valuable time.

5. Be Active in Comments

After posting anything on your food blog, do not block the comment section. If anyone faces any issue, then they can easily discuss in the comment section and solve their issue by replying and by emailing them. It will engage your visitors with you. Also, let your visitors appreciate your work in the comments.

6. Active on Social Media

The best three social media, you need to be active are Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Social media will help you to grow your food blog fast and also Social media will help you to connect with your audience. It will also help you in terms of earing to promote a brand when you have a good amount of audience.

7. Focus on Photography

You need to upload the photo of your food with the recipe you share in your food blog. And this photograph will prove that how was your recipe because visitors can’t smell or taste the food but they can judge by seeing the photo of that recipe. So prefer to upload high-quality images and media regarding your food content or recipes.

8. Build a Connection with Reader

Building a psychological connection with your audience is very important. You need to explain everything about food and recipes as you are directly talking with the reader by heart. It will help you to gain a trustful audience and they will definitely come back to your blog to read other recipes.

9. Make Good Food Blogger Friends

Find good food bloggers and follow them on their social media. Make sure to comment on their blog post, Instagram post, Facebook post, and build a connection with them. And one good trick is to post their recipes on your social media handles. And do not forget to tag them, it will engage them with your post also and recommend other food bloggers you admire.

10. Learn from your mistakes

If you do any mistake then fix it. Do not give up, be patient, and improve your food blog. Do not make the same mistake again and be creative.

11. Be Neat Clean in Every Possible way

This means, make the blog design simple, neat, and clean. Make the font look good and simple, make your blog writing easy to read and easy to understand. When it comes to advertisements, do not show a lot of ads on the same page, it is very annoying for the visitors your blog receives. Resulting in a bad user experience impression of your food blog.

12. Learn About Time Management

Time management is one of the most important factors for being a successful food blogger. If you want to be at the top then make sure to list everything you need to do and distribute your time according to your requirements. Remember to provide more time for important tasks for you and your blog.

13. Learn About Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a process of making your blog posts visible to search engines and increase overall website traffic. So you need to have knowledge about SEO to make your food blog famous and to rank on the top positions of different search engines.

14. Use Email Newsletters

The newsletters help you to build and develop a relationship with your audience. Most bloggers use Email Newsletter to stay connected with their visitors. Basically, Email Newsletters are an email communication service that is used to inform the audience of the latest post on your blog. So use an Email Newsletter to get engaged with your audience.

15. Provide Interesting And New Stories

You can post some interesting posts like your bad food experience, your good food experience. This type of post will engage your audience with you and people also love this type of post. You can also review instant foods, which are quite popular in this niche.

16. Do not Give-up

In food blogging, you need to be very patient and regular. You can not expect to receive thousands of people visiting your new food blog on the first day. You need to post unique good content and recipes regularly to achieve something big.

Some bonus tips and tricks And Ideas for your food blog

  • To make your site visible on Google and other search engines and bring traffic to your site, you have to build backlinks from authority websites.
  • Make your site mobile-friendly.
  • Install an SEO plugin to make your blog post better and correct.
  • The ideal length of an article should be 1000 to 2000 words.
  • Do not upload larger photos, it will make your blog a little bit slow.
  • Use good valuable keywords, and use them in the main tags.
  • Do not copy other’s content, recipes, and images.

Earning Factors

For food blogging, you have to be passionate, creative, and unique. After following the above tips and tricks, you can make a good amount of money from your food blog. There are a lot of ideas to make money. But first, you need to achieve a good amount of traffic every day, then you can make a good amount of money from your food blog. For example, one of the best ways to earn money from your food blog is affiliate marketing. You just had to put an affiliate product link in your post, and when somebody purchases the products through the link, then you will earn a commission. Another way to earn money from your food blog is by displaying Ads.


You can’t increase your visitor’s count right after starting your new food blog, you have to work hard on your food blog. You have to do experiments in the kitchen, you have to understand what SEO is and how it works and the importance of SEO in ranking factors. So follow the tips and tricks which I have explained above and keep working on your food blog. At last, I just want to say, don’t give up, work hard, you will see the result.

If you found the article helpful, then please share it with your friends, family members, and blogging friends. Don’t forget to mention any queries or suggestions you have in the comments section below.

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