How to get benefit from broken links? Latest guide

In this world full of competition everyone is trying their best to get noticed.

Bloggers and marketers are the groups of individuals who suffer the most to attract a more concentrated audience.

how to get benefit from broken link building

To keep the link juices flowing and provide the best user experience, dealing with broken links is getting more important.

Yet many bloggers don’t pay much attention to such important aspects of content marketing and blog optimization.

And content promoters are always searching for such opportunities to make the best out of them.

How to get benefits from broken links? Latest guide

No doubt broke link building or BLB is an outdated SEO method. That requires constant research and dedication to display any results.

If you are willing to put in some effort searching for broken link opportunities on similar quality domains.

And repeat the process without any hesitation then your blog can benefit a lot from broken links.

So let’s go into more details about what is broken links and how you can actually benefit from them.

What are broken links?

Internet is full of inbound and outbound links, that help everyone to connect the related content.

And you may have probably found some links while surfing through the web, which leads to a 404 error.

That is also known as a “Page Not Found” error.

It usually occurs when the requested page no longer exists, or the site owner has changed the URL permanently.

So whenever someone tries to access them, the site will show a custom error if the developer has arranged it.

Otherwise, an automatically generated 404 error will be displayed.

Such links are considered “Broken Links” and other bloggers or marketers can use them to promote their own content.

Difference between broken and normal links

So how can you tell apart whether a link you’re using is a normal one or a broken link?

It’s quite simple actually to identify them because if you click on a link and get a 404 error it means the link is dead.

While if you click the link and successfully get redirected to the destination page, it means the link is working perfectly!

To implement the broken link-building strategy this basic knowledge is required.

Where to find broken links related to your niche?

Now the next part is that how you can find such broken links which are related to your niche at the same time.

Broken link building is often considered an outdated SEO method. But if you follow a process continuously then BLB is highly scalable!

And finding these useful dead links is part of this process.

So how even a beginner can find them and get benefit from broken links?

There are various ways to find them either on a large scale or manually.

Manual method

if you are willing to choose the manual method then you can expect the success rate to be higher than 50%.

As you will be finding the most accurate content resources to look for broken links.

the possibility of getting value out of them will be increased automatically.

Suppose you have a food blog, and you want to improve your rankings and page authority via BLB.

Your first step should be to find other blogs related to your niche and target the articles having the same set of keywords as yours.

Later on, you can extract the dead link opportunities using the extensions made for the task.

Automatic method

Another great option is to optimize the SEO tools available for this task.

Choosing the automatic method is easier and much faster compared to the manual one.

However, you still have to perform basic activities but they won’t take much time.

The first step is to use a service that can find high authority sites with similar content as yours.

After selecting some decent domains from the list.

you can dive in deeper to choose the most related piece of content that you can provide with added value to it.

Again use the dead link checker extension, if you’re using chrome. It will point out any links generating a 404 error to make it easier for you.

How to get benefits from broken links in 2021?

There are tons of different ways to grow your traffic and rankings. While most of them are easier to implement compared to broken link optimization.

So why someone would go for a broken link-building strategy to promote their content?

Being a widely used link-building strategy around the globe, people won’t hesitate to follow the BLB method even in 2021!

However, if you have never used it before, we have accumulated some of the best practices that you can follow for better results.

1. Solid strategy

BLB – Broken link building is a lengthy process that takes enough time and effort.

So if you are willing to do it, then building a solid strategy to follow is mandatory.

Allowing you to follow the process frequently, a good strategy is always useful. As the broken link building method won’t show you any results quickly.

You may need to repeat the same process to make it productive. During such a situation having a solid strategy comes in handy.

To make this happen you can note the important steps right now and come up with a strategy later!

Your strategy may include anything that can help you get the most out of your efforts.

Suppose you prefer to out-reach more than directly trying to grab those dead links.

Deciding on a good template with a formal tone can help you every time you try approaching others.

Keep improving your strategy with your experiences and it will help you a lot.

2. Be flexible

Being flexible is essential if you want to get the most value out of dead links.

Try to be flexible with the choices of domains and content resource pages. As your success rate also depends on where you execute the broken link-building process.

Choosing related domain names with higher authority will add more value to your efforts.

Don’t limit your flexibility to just choosing domain names, as you also need to prepare quality content if you want to benefit from dead links.

3. Using SEO tools

Professional marketers and SEO specialists prefer to rely more on SEO tools. When it comes to gathering more accurate information and processing it quickly.

SEO tools such as Ahrefs, SemRush, and Mangools provide efficient services and features required for the process.

However, you may need to pay for using the services and extract accurate data provided by them.

But it will speed up your process and help you generate more successful outreach compared to the normal research.

Especially when prospecting and deciding your target sites, you can use SEO tools. For targeting different sites based on,

  • Keyword relevance
    URL compatibility
    Direct URL

Later on, You can easily filter the results and select the best site to look for dead link-building opportunities.

4. Positive approach

Your success rate depends on the type of approach you normally use.

Because when approaching someone for requesting a deadlink opportunity you have to be positive.

With a positive approach and formal tone of conveying your thoughts to the person, you can literally improve your success rate to twice!

After you have decided on the target sites/URLs, we recommend you approach them in any way possible.

Either you can extract the contact information on target sites in bulk using, the contact information extractor extensions for free.

And use the information to get in touch with them via email, phone, or other options.

5. Focus on personalization

Everybody wants to improve their rankings and traffic. So mutual facing competition during the process is common.

If someone is trying to use the deadlink Opportunities in the same niche as yours.

Even the small details can make a huge difference and decide whether your efforts will pay or not.

For example, if you are exploring the deadlinks in the food blogging niche. And you find a site with enough broken links to target it, you will try to contact the site administrator.

But at the same time, another blogger is trying to make his way to grab those broken link-building opportunities.

So unconsciously personalization and efforts become the deciding factors for this battle.

In short, try to add some personalization in your approach and interaction with others.

While trying to get benefits from dead links, make sure you don’t miss any of them!

6. Pay attention to impact score

While using the dead link extractor extension, you’ll probably see a scoring system attached along with additional information.

Those numbers are known as the impact score of a particular dead link you want to target.

Now you may be wondering that what is impact score? Should you pay attention to it?

If you are looking forward to better results with fewer efforts then obviously.

Otherwise, you can continue by upgrading the dead links based on relevance.

Because the impact score will help you decide and understand the importance and effect it will produce in the future.


Broken link building is often considered an outdated SEO method. That can help you reflect some improvement in your rankings and traffic growth.

But if carried out properly dead links can help you a lot with regaining the site authority and organic visitors.

So make sure to read the tips carefully and follow them if you also wish to get benefits from dead links on the internet.

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