Start A Successful Interior Designing Blog in 2021 Step by Step

There are lots of people who have interesting hobbies like painting, gaming, and other activities but if you are persistent about some particular hobby then you can start making some money by starting your blog related to that niche.

Start A Successful Interior Designing Blog

If you have an interest in interior design and have enough passion for becoming a successful interior designer in your life then starting a new interior design blog for growing your interior designing career in 2021.

So how can you start a successful blog for interior designing in 2021? Keep reading the post to find out how you can get your blog running in the next 1-2 hours easily!

Steps to Start A Successful Interior Designing Blog in 2021

If you have been looking forward to making your career in the world of interior design then you should probably create a blog. For sharing your information and ideas with everyone out there.

Creating a new interior designing blog will help you reach more and more people interested in interior design. With quality content on your blog, you can also attract some big companies that are related to interior design.

All of this will be done after you have set up your interior designing blog. And it’s live on the internet for everyone. But how can you get this done if you don’t have proper technical knowledge?

Don’t worry because you will get all the information you need to start an interior design blog in 2021. So let’s get started and find out the complete process for starting your new blog.

1. Deciding Your Field Of Expertise

When it comes to interior designing there are hundreds of different topics you can work on so if you want your new blog to be successful then you will have to decide your field of expertise.

In other words, don’t get confused among other blogs and the content they provide because you need your blog to stand out from others in the market. To achieve that you will have to stay focused on a particular area of the interior designing world.

It will be much easier for you to create great content around the particular topic you have decided and love to work on. With a proper area of expertise that you have enough information about, you won’t find it hard to create amazing content for your blog every day.

2. Choosing Domain Name & Hosting

If you are looking to make some income out of your interior designing blog. Then using free platforms like and won’t get you anywhere. The reason behind using for creating your new interior design blog is that you will gain full control over your blog.

Which is not possible when working with free platforms like blogger and For that, you will have to think of a great domain name for your new blog. That is catchy and easy to remember at the same time.

And you will have to invest in hosting also, So you can easily upload and use any type of media and other files within your blog directly and allow others to access your blog on the internet.

I suggest to go with because it is a very cost-effective and powerful hosting provider that offers great customer support too. As a newbie, I would recommend you to go for the basic plan of Bluehost that will cost you around $2.99/month.

3. Installing And Using WordPress

After choosing your best hosting service provider with a catchy domain name for your interior design blog the next important step is to choose the platform where you will write and publish your informative articles.

WordPress is one of the best platforms that is used by millions and beginner-friendly. So you can easily update, edit, and manage your blog’s media file using the powerful CMS system of WordPress. It is much easier to learn using WordPress compared to other platforms that allow you to make your blog.

Now if you don’t know how to manually install WordPress in a hosting service then don’t worry. Because if you have chosen the Bluehost for your blog then you can simply install WordPress with a single click.  Or follow the instructions here.

As a  complete newbie using WordPress you can learn how to use WordPress within 2-3 days easily. With easy to digest interface provided by WordPress you won’t find any difficulties using WordPress and publishing quality content for your readers.

When you visit your WordPress dashboard for the first time you will see a bunch of different options scattered around the dashboard that will help you manage and create posts, media for your blog.

On the left side of the dashboard, you will find the main options/tools you can use like, Posts, Media, Comments, Pages, Profile, Tools, etc. You will get used to it after a few days, All the options available are easy to use.

In the center part and right side, you will find some information about your blog and the recent activity you have done in your new blog. So it’s not that hard to figure out everything even if you are using WordPress for the first time!

4. Creating Amazing Content

After setting up your blog with the help of Bluehost’s one-click WordPress installation service it’s time to add some quality posts in your interior design blog so if people find your content useful and worth reading then they will be more than happy to visit your blog daily.

But make sure to post consistently because if you just stop providing value after people have started visiting your blog then the majority of them won’t come back to your blog again. So consistency is one of the most important factors for making your blog successful.

Providing new content consistently will improve your blog’s presence on search engines and when your posts will be indexed your blog will start receiving organic traffic directly from Google and other search engines.

Posting consistently is a part of your blogging journey but don’t get stressed out if you don’t find any good topic worth writing. Because if you stress out looking for new topics daily, you can end up de-motivating yourself.

So keep in mind that consistency is important but don’t try to use other’s content just for improving the number of posts your blog has. Try to be as unique and helpful as possible to increase the trust flow.

5. Promoting Your Blog On Various Platforms

Without proper SEO knowledge, it will be hard for any beginner to rank their new blog on google and other search engines. But if you put in a little more effort in creating social media accounts for your new blog on popular platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter then you can easily promote your new blog on social media.

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These free traffic sources will increase the amount of traffic your blog receives and help increase the authority of your blog also. But the only requirement is that you have to keep providing useful content and posts on your social media handles too.

Otherwise, no one will be interested in visiting your blog’s profile and it won’t be beneficial for you in any way. So keep in mind to be active everywhere to promote your new blog to a large number of audiences for free.

6. Approaching Sponsors And Affiliate Networks

Once your blog starts receiving some initial traffic it will start ranking on related keywords automatically and you will be surprised to see how much potential social media has to grow your blog easily.

Now, what about making some money from your blog to support the expenses and even generate some side income from it? For making good money consistently reaching out niche related affiliates and affiliate networks is always the best choice.

If they find your blog valuable and allows you to promote their product/services then you can start promoting them on your blog and social media handles. You will get a fixed amount of commission every time you sell their product/service to others.

For example, if you are promoting a product worth $200 and your commission rate is 20% then you will receive $40 directly in your account if anyone purchases your blog. And with a minimum of 10 sales/month, you can easily earn up to $400!

But keep in mind that don’t fill your entire blog with banners and ads everywhere, because it will negatively affect your blog and your visitors will find the ads annoying when you use too much of them.

7. Other Sources Of Income

Affiliate marketing is not the only way of generating passive income from your interior design blog in 2021. There are lots of ad networks available that will help you make side income using your blog’s organic/social traffic.

If you are looking for a quality ad network that is trustworthy. Then you can try Google Adsense and ad networks.

You can apply your blog to get Adsense or approval so you can start showing quality ads on your blog that is relevant to your content. According to the number of clicks and views, the ads on your blog receives you will start making money without any complex process.


If you want your new blog to be successful in 2021. Then create a proper schedule for uploading quality content on your interior design blog and social media handles. It will help you stay focused and grow your blog from time to time.

Now talking about making money from your blog. If you don’t provide valuable content then no one will be interested to visit your blog and if your blog has no traffic you don’t make any money it’s that simple.

If you found any type of informative content within this article then please share it with your other friends and don’t forget to mention any suggestions or queries you have.


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