6 Best Ways to Make Money With Fashion Blog And Make It Success

Providing useful and informative content on your fashion blog is one of the most important factors to keep it running properly. But for how long you will keep providing value to your visitors without getting any revenue from your fashion blog?

Make money by fashion blogging

Without enough revenue, you can not afford to use expensive hosting services and yearly domain name renewal charges for your fashion blog. You should have some regular income to manage your blog expenses.

As a solution, I have come up with more than enough ways to monetize your fashion blog whether it’s new or already established in the market. In this article, you will learn different ways to make easy money with your blog and keep it growing effortlessly. And some extra money too.

6 Best Ways To Make Money With Fashion Blogging and Become a Successful Fashion Blogger

There are hundreds of ways to make money online and blogging is one of them.  As a fashion blogger, you can earn a handsome income if you have a well-managed fashion blog. There are lots of various ways to monetize your fashion blog. So you can use any of the following methods in order to make money from your fashion blog and make it successful in 2021!

1. Monetizing Through Ad-Networks

The first option I want to introduce is monetizing the fashion blog through various ad networks. you can choose from hundreds of high-quality ad networks available in the market. But make sure to choose the trusted publishers/advertisers only so you don’t have to worry about your payments.

Our best recommendation for monetizing your fashion blog is to use Google’s Adsense ad network. There are thousands of people already making passive income from Google Adsense. You can do the same by applying for Adsense approval on your blog.

After you have approved your blog from Google Adsense you can start displaying their ads on your blog. Your revenue margin will be calculated based on the number of clicks you receive on the ads displayed on your blog.

If your blog is receiving more ad clicks then you don’t have to worry about money because at the end of the month you will make good revenue out of your blog(covering all of your extra expenses and some profitable income!).

2. Promoting Affiliate Products

Another option to make money from your fashion blog is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is to promote affiliate products of other vendors. In other words, you will promote someone’s products and services on your fashion blog with the help of banner images or promotional articles. if someone makes a purchase via your blog then you will receive a small commission for every sale you make.

When choosing this option for making money with your fashion blog keep in mind to choose the products/services related to your niche only. Share A Sale is also one of the best affiliate networks.

Because if you try to promote a digital marketing product in front of the people interested in the fashion world, most of them will avoid buying that particular product or service because they lack interest in that product/service.

You can easily signup for different affiliate programs. That allows you to promote the products within your niche and with a number of sales every day you are good to go.

The main reason behind affiliate marketing is more profitable compared to ad networks is that you receive high commissions for every sale you make.

3. Paid Promotions

When your fashion blog starts receiving enough traffic on a daily basis people will reach out to you for paid promotions regarding their service or product they want to sell or promote. Because you will have such a large number of peoples interested in the fashion world visiting your blog every day.

With a large targeted audience visiting your blog daily, it’s easy to sell niche-specific products and services to them. If you don’t sell anything there are already other people waiting for that chance, So.

Other marketers will see more potential in your fashion blog and you will get some sponsorships for sure. That is enough to cover all your expenses along with some decent amount of revenue from your blog every single month easily!

4. Allowing Guest Posting

Having a strong network with positive bloggers in the same niche as yours is mandatory for growing your fashion blog instantly. But once your blog gains popularity and starts receiving a decent amount of traffic other fashion bloggers who are looking for promoting their blog will reach out to you.

You can offer these fashion bloggers paid guest posts. In other words, you can allow them to publish a piece of content of their own on your fashion blog. So they can receive some initial traffic from your blog and can get backlink too. That will help their fashion blog grow naturally and improve the rankings in various search engines at the same time.

Now talking about pricing, It will be decided according to the amount of traffic you receive and the type of authority your fashion blog holds. In most cases, you can exchange guest posts with other fashion bloggers but for making some money you can offer paid guest posts to them.

5. Creating A New Brand And Growing It

People just love branded items, they trust on popular brands without thinking about it. And buy any new product/service as soon as it’s launched in the market. But why do they behave like that? well, it’s because of the brand awareness and trust the brand has gained from years.

You can create your personal branding too, and start creating new products/services whenever you feel like now’s the time people are more addicted to the content of your blog and the value they are receiving from it.

The approval process as a new brand in 2021 is not complicated anymore. After your blog starts receiving enough traffic which can help your new brand name grow around the world.

You can get your brand name registered and with minimal investment easily. Start creating products or services on a small scale at first to spread the brand awareness of your new brand in the market.

6. Promotional Posts On Social Media

Having a huge social media following highly affects your brand name. When it comes to establishing a new brand name in the market social media is one of the most powerful sources you can use to promote your brand name.

When people start following your social media handle you will see, An increased amount of quality traffic is hitting your blog every day. You can reach out to other people who are working on the same niche as yours

And see if they want their brand to be promoted via posts and brand promotions on your social media handle. You can make a good amount of money easily promoting another brand on your social media platforms.


There are lots of ways to make money from your fashion blog and make it successful but without enough traffic, you won’t make a single dime! So try focusing on generating enough traffic before going for making any money from your blog.

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